5 Ways To Avoid Annoying Google Search Engines

SEO for Google Search

The search engines should not be our enemy because we need them. I hear so many people talking about building a business that doesn’t rely on Google because it’s the same as building your business on quicksand.

One night you could be riding high at the top of the first-page and when you wake up in the morning you find yourself with no traffic because you’ve been de-indexed.

Google Main Search

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It is crazy to build a business that relies only on the search engines, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them, especially Google because they will send you the most traffic.

If Google loves you it can practically double your income because of everyone it sends your way. The trick is to not rely on them, but you also have to make sure you’re not upsetting them by doing any of these mistakes.

Building cheap and nasty links

The whole idea behind backlinks is that it shows the search engines you are popular. If they see lots of links pointing back to your site it means other people are talking about you.

This is why you get great rankings, but when you have thousands of links pointing to your site from worthless places it only shows them you’ve tried to game the system and cheat their traffic.

Having a slow site


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Why would a search engine recommend a website that doesn’t load fast? If it sent people there and they hated the experience they would start using a different search engine.

They have to please the people who use their site, so if your website is slow it will affect the rankings you receive. You should try to get your website running as fast as possible at all times.

Scaring people away

Try to make sure that you always have content people are interested in and you should try to get everyone to spend as much time on your site as possible.

You could do this by adding internal links to the articles and having a great navigation system. If people don’t spend long on your site and they click away all the time it will affect your rankings because your bounce rate will be too high.

Writing for the search engines

Don’t make the mistake lots of newbies make and that is to write for the search engines. You obviously have to use keywords, but when you mention them a hundred times it’s going to turn your article into a pile of mush.

People won’t read it and they will click away, but the search engines will also be able to tell you’ve over-optimized the article and you’ll be penalized.

Duplicate everything

When you write an article it’s meant to be unique. You can’t go putting your article on hundreds of different sites because they could outrank you.

You’re just competing against yourself and that isn’t even taking into account the fact search engines don’t like duplicate content. Another example is using duplicate anchor text when linking to your site. It’s unnatural and it will damage your rankings.

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  1. As long as you are doing SEO related things in straight forward manner, there is no problem of annoying search engines. Keep it fresh and clean.

  2. Very informative post there are some good tips to boost my work skills. yes i agree some time if you not update your site and you are doing lot of submissions these type work irritate other peoples and other wrong way google put you spam list so beware these type activity

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  4. Great Post well I think some time optimizer submitted more and more submission. so peoples irritate and this kind work Google put in spam category submissions.
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