12 Free Tools To Check and Improve Your Website Speed

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Given the changing need to be closer to customers and be more responsive to their needs, website speed, besides content and relevance, is becoming an important factor to make it to top of search engine results.

Google has started building the website speed parameters into the search result algorithms. This has made many website companies, owners and enterprises of big websites sit up and take note.

It is becoming crucial to their success that they maintain the website speed and its smooth working. However, how does one check the website speed to ensure that Google does not miss your website in the search results?

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Some of the best free tools to check the website speed is listed below:

  • Pingdom ToolsThe website tests the individual WebPages and lets the user know which ones are slow and influencing the overall performance of the website.
  • Free Speed test: This website and its speed-checking tool allow you to monitor and track your website performance and speed across various locations on the globe.
  • Load Impact: Load Impact allows the user to check their website speed result but once you are registered others won’t be able to check your website’s performance. Simple analysis results are free on the website, as is with most professionals; expensive and high level analysis is paid.
  • Aptimize: This is perhaps a great tool to enhance your website speed, since it helps businesses speed up their website speed online. Log in and register to make your website faster.
  • Web page test: Allows the business to check speed at a specific location and helps in analyzing multi-step transactions, uploading of photos, videos and content blocking.
  • iWeb Tool: It is a simple tool to check the speed of your website or multiple pages at once and is free. This means saving time since you don’t have to check each link independently.
  • Web Site Load Testing: This website from the business house of Neustar allows you to check your website’s performance during peak hours. They help remove bottlenecks and troubleshoot other speed issues.
  • GTMetrix: With its user interactive interface, it allows you to test the speed, save your data, monitor your URLs across various locations on a regular basis.
  • Show Slow: This is an open source server application. It allows the website owner to monitor a URL and can be used to perform checks publicly as well as privately. It captures results from 3 other websites. This requires registration as it’s not a free tool.
  • Octagate: The website allows you to analyze how much time it takes to download content from your website. This allows you to see, analyze and check through a meaningful graph which content is impacting website speed and performance.
  • Browser Mob: You can use the tool introduced by the company to test the speed of your website for free. It offers an analysis of various kinds of important speeds and aspects of your websites.

These are some basic and free tools that allow one to check the website speed and improve on the various aspects that are keeping your website from performing at par and making it to the top.

[box]Author: Ryan Holding is an enthusiast blogger working with the team at assistedreputation.com providing useful guidance in better promotion of the websites.[/box]


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    It’s very important to make sure that your website speed is optimized to avoid losing traffic and your business sales. Thanks for sharing this list of tools, this will definitely find weakness and help me improve my blog speed.

  2. I like GTMetrix since it pulls information from YSlow and Google Page Speed Insights. Also check out Blame Stella and Loads.in. They will also test the speed of your WordPress website.

  3. There is nothing more enraging than when you grow gray hairs waiting for a web page to load. Website developers should really consider using all these tools so that it meets Google parameters.

  4. I still haven’t tried any of these tools but each one of them seems to be equally effective and efficient. Appreciate your sharing the well researched post.

  5. Indeed, nobody likes a slow loading website or one that hangs pretty much all the time. Therefore, it is important to mantain a good speed. The tools presented in the article seems to be pretty goot at what they are supposed to do.

  6. Great information these 12 tools give me relief to hurdle of slow website speed and i face lot of trouble my work. Thank you to sharing me this valuable post

  7. A well compiled list of effective tools. I was aware about the free speed test and web page test, but the other tools are quite new to me. Thanks for providing me with this comprehensive list of tools. Much appreciated!!

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