How to Optimize Sites with Page Speed


It’s a known fact that with the advancement of technology page speed is one of the major factor for any blog, no user want to wait for pages to load. Google also likes fast loading blogs to give better experience to their users.

Page speed is a tool which can help you optimize page loading for your blog. It analyze page and gives recommendation on what can be improved to load the page faster.

Page Speed is available for Chrome, Firefox and IE. I will take an example of Chrome.

How to Install Page Speed

You need to install page speed as an extension for chrome. Below are the instruction to Install page speed.

  • Open a new tab, Enter about:flags in address bar and press enter. This will give you a screen with experimental stuff.
  • Look for Experimental Extension APIs and enable it. Now you can download and Install Page Speed.
  • Download Page Speed for Chrome.
  • Install Page speed like any other extension.

Running Page Speed

It generates the suggestion and results for a page based on its loading pattern. You can run it for a single page at a time

  • Open a chrome tab and navigate to a page which you want to optimize. Wait for page to load completely.
  • Select the Wrench menu at the top-right of your browser window, then select Tools -> Developer tools.
  • You will get the below screen on your browser. Click on page Speed to get the tool window.Page Speed in Chrome
  • Now you can run it. It will reload the page and will give recommendation based on page loading speed.Page Speed Result
  • Based on the results you can take actions to optimize the page.

Understanding Result from Page Speed

This tool gives 3 priority recommendations, High, Medium and Low.

  • High – It is denoted by a red dot. These are the things which you should work or first as they are reducing the loading speed.
  • Medium – It is denoted by yellow dot. These will give gain but some work will be required to do these.
  • Low – These are denoted by green dot. These are the things which is working fine, but you can have small gain on these things.

Tool results are good and its even tell you which images are not optimized for web and how much you can gain once optimized. What scripts are taking time to block the loading process.

So what are you waiting for install page speed and check how your site pages are performing and start optimizing.

If you are using the tool than share with us how its working for you.


  1. I recently got my site up to a 92/100 on PageSpeed tests and was very proud. By having Ultimate SEO plugin enabled it had me down to 88/100. My super suggestion is test your blog now, then disable all plugins and re-test your blog. Re-enable each plugin 1 at a time and test again showing you which plugins hurt your blog speed most.

    • 92/100 is really a great score, I need to do some modifications on this to improve my scores. Still running around 82-85.

      Most of the time its the plugins responsible for slowing the sites, testing them is really a good way to check it.

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