Create Blog in less then $10 a Year

Create a Blog

If you are going to create blog to start your web world and worried about the finances, then you have many options. you can open a blog for $0 (, but I am going to talk about your own blog.

If you want to own a blog then you need to get domain name, web hosting, software etc. In case you are not sure for this investment then an easy way is to buy a domain name and host your blog on

Create a Blog

 Credit: Salvatore Vuono

Blogger provides blog hosting for free, it also provides web address for that blog but it is on the domain of You can use your domain name and use a setting for custom domain name on the

Benefit to create blog on a private domain name

  • If later-on you decide to shift on a professional blogging structure, you own the domain so just need to shift the hosting, set your 301 redirect and you are all set.
  • You will not lose your traffic and rating (as long as your 301 direct are setup correctly), because your domain name is not changed.
  • You don’t have to worry about hosting and bandwidth charges.

Setup to Create Blog on Your Domain

  1. Go to, If you have an account then log in or create a new account.
  2. You can create blog, You can choose any web address here as you are going to change it later on.
  3. Now If you have a domain name you can go ahead to step 5 and update it, or you can go ahead and get a new Domain name. I would like to recommend Godaddy, if you are going to get a new domain name. I buy all my domain name from Godaddy and the experience is great.
  4. Once you have the domain name and it is active then you can go ahead and update based on the step below.
  5. You can log into your domain name provider account and made the below mention changes. To provide an example I have used Godaddy screenshot.
    1. You can open the Domain manager and launch DNS Manager.
    2. Create BlogOnce You are in the DNS Manager, you can point your domain to google server. To do that you need to change the CNAME and A-records. Choose the CNAME which has entry as www and list “” as the hostname.Create Blog
    3. Now update the A-records. In the A records enter the name of your domain in the format (without www), and point it to 4 different google IP’s. You need to create 4 records for this one for each IP.
    4. Once you changed CNAME and A-records, then you need to wait for an hour to get it updated. With Godaddy it never took that long, usually it gets changed in less then 15 min.
    5. Now you can go into blogger and update the settings. In the blogger, choose Settings and then publishing.Create Blog
    6. You need to click on Custom domain on that screen, than on the next screen click on switch to advanced settings. (If you don’t want to do the CNAME and A-records update then you can buy the domain name from the Google right here also.)
    7. Enter your domain name and word verification. Click save settings.

So once you are done with this settings, you have a blog hosted on blogger with your private domain name. If you will able to make it success then you can move it self hosted blog.

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  1. Hello Sanjeev I loved your great blog post on Create Blog in less then $10 a Year. This really solved my problem, thank you!

  2. Hi Sanjeev, I see technically you have covered the key areas in creating a blog. I can set up 10 and more blogs in a single day with all the plugins installed and configured. My main problem is writing engaging content. I usually don’t like writing 😉 but I really love to own a blog.

    • Ohh, you really sounds like me..when I started blogging I also felt the same though looks like now I am getting into the habit. But if you still feel the same then its a good time to explore…how about a blog only for podcasting, or only video articles..or try to see what unique you can come up with….

  3. The initial investment would definitely be as cheap as $10 dollars, but I guess the biggest part of the investment is the effort that you need to invest. It requires lot of work to make a blog successful so we need to be ready for that.

    • Yes, the biggest investment is effort and time which we spend on blogging. We can save this small money but there is no shortcut to save that effort..:)

  4. @Liam excellent your com make me laugh !!!

    For a novice in the web things, have a blog or more generally a website seems complicated and maybe expensive. Fortunately we can find some articles like this one, well made and that can change our behavior. Sanjeev, it’s even possbile to get a domain name less expensive than 10$/year I guess.
    But I really want to know more about your “GoDaddy experience is very great” ? Since a long time I choose OVH (european registrar). Maybe time to change =)

    • I really like GoDaddy services for domain name handling. Their Domain manager is laid out correctly and most of the changes we can do it by domain manager. Also I found that it takes very less time in making those changes effective.

      Oh yes, We can have domain names for less then $10, I always bought it around $7 or so…..

      • Thank you =)

        It seems that GoDaddy is not the only one who gives fast replies, so thx 😉
        I’ll see for my future domain name with it, and make a comparison between !

        • You can try them for a domain name, I think its the domain manager panel, which sets them apart from rest. Otherwise there is not much we need to do with the domain name.

  5. Having your own blog is pretty affordable for everybody, but what’s the most expensive part is how to manage the blog once set-up by the owner. If he/she can do all the writings and link building as well, he/she will be able to achieve success.

    • yes, its the tough part. But I have seen some people who are just starting and not ready to invest. Most of the time they are not sure about the returns. So this can be a handy way to start. I always like to have a self hosted WordPress Blog.

      • Yup! Self-hosted blog is still the best way to choose. Since a blog owner will have the full control over his or her blog no matter what. Unlike if a blogger will choose free blog.

  6. Find this post after paying around 200 dollars for the first year of a blog.
    Still, I think I got some awesome stuff for my money.
    I wasn’t going for economical, I was going for luxury.

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