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With the expansion of digital camera’s, there are a lot of photos which sits on each PC. If you own a PC and digital camera then chances are you will have a lot of snaps on your PC. What are you doing with that photos? Can they help in your web world?

When I use my digital camera, which has a 4GB sdcard in it, I click a lot of snaps. These days smartphones comes with around 8MP camera, 16-64 GB memories, which has made clicking snaps very easy.

There can be a lot of things which can be done with those photos including getting some traffic for your blog. Lets see what I do with my photos.

1) Panoramio

This is the very first thing, Panoramio is Google service where you can load your photos. There is a free account which comes with a 2GB space.

The catch is that you can send your photos for the selection in Google Earth, if they get selected for Google Earth they won’t be counted in the space allocated to you. So you have unlimited space as long as your photos are in Google Earth.

Good thing is that user can search for the photos can see the profile of the person who has clicked it, and it allows to add your blog address on your profile as a link.

Traffic from Photos
Generate Traffic from Photos

If you don’t want to use it for blog traffic than also its a good place to create your footprint on earth, you can download a kml file and see all your photos in Google Earth which gives a nice view of your footprints till now.

Just keep building your footprints and after five years you will love to see where you have been on the earth.

2) Photos on Flickr under Creative Common

This is another way, If you have a lot of photos then how about loading them on Flickr under creative commons. Creative commons can allow you to get attribution for your photos.

You can set up your terms for attribution which may include a link for your blog, though I don’t go that far. As long as there is an attribution it is fine.

You can also use these photos on your own blog, I always do check if I have some photos which I can use on my blog. This is an easy and productive way to use your photos.

3) Wallpaper sites

There are many wallpaper sites which allows users to share the photos like Webshots, these can be one of the places to share your photos and show them to world. These might not be able to generate traffic for the blog, but at least will give you a feeling that your photos are appreciated by the word.

This is also a good experience to see how many persons check your photos and how many downloads happens. I also check once in a while those stats.

4) Earn some money by selling it

This can be one of the ways, there are many sites which offers photos for sale. Though this is one of the ways, but keep in mind that its hard to get your photos approved for sale as they might have strict guidelines for selecting the photo.

If you think your photos meets the standards than this could be worth a try.

Let us know if you like these tricks and would use any of these.


  1. For professional photographers, selling their photos is their main source of income. The better the picture they capture, the more buyers would be interested for sure. I wish I could learn advanced photography soon so I could earn from my skills too.

  2. Adding photos are good because it may help your blog’s to have some visitors. But my point is, when you put an image, the image should make the visitor more curious and will be able to visit your blog. Thanks for this post.

    • Image should defiantly relate to the content and make user curious about the post. If it fails to do that visitors might not spend much time on the blog, which is not good for the the bounce rate. Good point.

  3. I have thought about putting up more photos online. I have only added a few, and some I have included on my blog. I usually get a few visitors a day that visit my blog through Google Images, so I know the effect or properly adding photos to your blog can be.

    I haven’t tried selling any photos as of yet, but I may look at that option in the future.

  4. I once had an article titled “Breaking Free”. There was an image of chains and because of this pic, breaking free was top visited page for like 3 months.

    What you say is true. great post!

  5. i am wondering how human brain works………thinking different ways for getting traffic….. good work sanjeev……..i am gonna try this method……thanks for your useful idea…..after i got some traffic,i gonna post thanks for u……

    • Thanks for liking the post, I agree everybody will try one or the other way to get some traffic. After-all every blogger’s aim is to show his content to as many people as he can.

  6. On one of my websites, I had two or three graphics that were pulling about 15% of the traffic to that site. The right graphic can really be a great way to draw traffic. Thanks for sharing!

    • Right graphics with the right content is a good combination, you don’t want your readers feel that the image is there just for the sake of it, so it has to match with the content. But if is optimized correctly it can bring traffic. Nice to hear from you, thanks for reading.

    • Panoramio is a good service, I really like the concept of seeing your footprints on google earth and able to see where you have been in past years..

  7. Hi Sanjeev,
    Great options on where to store your photos.

    I would add that if you are storing them where the public has access, like Flickr, to make sure to get model releases for those pics that have people in them. Or to indicate that you don’t have model releases. I often use Flickr for images on my site, but shy away from using those that have recognizable people in them and no model release.

    Thanks for the helpful info!

    • Did I missed saying that, Sometimes when we are so used to doing things, might ends up missing important details. Thanks for pointing this out. We do need model release in case photos has recognizable people in it.

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