Guest Post – Few Things Which You can do with it


Guest Post is one of the many ways you can promote your blog. It is also a good way to get few links for your blogs.

With many blogs using no-follow link policy, guest post is getting much more importance to get good back links. But should we use guest post for only link purpose or what else can we do with it?

Here are few other things which you can do with your guest post.

1. Track traffic from guest post

If you are using the Google analytic there is an easy way to track your traffic from your guest post. The benefit of that approach is you can find which blogs are driving you most traffic.

This can help you decide about your guest post, you can decide which blogs you can post more to gain more traffic.

What Can you do with your Guest Post
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You can track the traffic with the addition of these three tags in your link.

  • Source: utm_src
  • Medium: utm_medium
  • Campaign: utm_campaign

Here is the description for these tags, which can be used to track the guest post.

  • utm_src: This can be set to define the source of traffic. You can set this to the website you are posting on. Google analytic will start recognize this source and will report on it.
  • utm_medium: You can set this to define the medium like you can set this to guestpost. Then, you can compare guest posting as a whole to your other marketing efforts.
  • utm_campaign: You can set it to the name of the article. This will help you check how one article performed with respect to others.

So you need to add below mention section to your link


So if you are building a link for this article it will be like this

Once you have this, Google analytics will record and you can query based on your source or medium. If you’re all post has a medium as guest post you can check how much traffic you have generated by writing guest post.

If you do not want to create your links manually than use this link creation tool from Google.

2. Make new connections

You can make many new connections with your guest posts. Once the guest post is published I always subscribe for the comments.

I make sure that I reply to comments as soon as possible, which actually give a chance to interact with the readers. I try to make a reply for each comment posted on the post and those are not just thanks.

This can give you an opportunity to interact with an audience of another blog and make some new friends. It might end up providing a new reader to your blog or giving you an opportunity to get a new guest post.

3. Get Even More

Here is what I do, Once the guest post is a week old, I go through all the comments which I have on the post. I check If there are other bloggers who has commented on my post, If yes, I visit their blogs.

Visit does not mean just a small visit, I check what is the theme of their blog, what articles are available and leave one or two comments.

Leaving comments is important but comments should not be one liner like nice posts, excellent blog etc. I go through the articles and try to add something to their blog.

It does sound like more but it’s worth investing the time, you might get few visits in return also. Other benefit is you don’t have to look for Google or other places to find blogs where you can comment for linking purpose.

I even do that for my blog, if you post a comment here and leave a blog address, rest assure I will make a visit and will definatly go through your blog.

So what do you say we can do lot more than just getting a link from Guest post, what do you do with your guest post?


  1. I have not done nearly as much guest blogging as Id like to, i think its because our real estate industry is a bit behind the times with blogging, but when Ive done it I have noticed real solid trafffic increases…non-google related traffic which is even better and sweeter.

  2. Wow great tips about guest posting. I’ve done a few guest post in the past but as blogging has changed greatly over the past few months I see that it’s necessary to do more. Thanks for the great tips.

  3. I definitely like to see what blog posts bring the most traffic, Sanjeev; that way I know who I need to post for again and who to stay away from in the future.

    • Yes, It is easy way to know which guest posts are working and where we can post again. This is an easy way to know it. I am only using Google analytics now on Makewebworld and liking the kind of reporting we can get through it.

  4. I agree with you Sanjeev, guest blogging is certainly going to connect to with other fellow bloggars and in this way, you are certianly going to enhance your reputation, and traffic to your blog. Excellent post and thanks for the idea.

    • I try to give 2-3 guest post every month but I am thinking of increasing the frequency as I have always seen a spike in traffic whenever a post got published. Also made many new friends with it, but now a days hanging at Blogengage for meeting new people.

  5. Many people I know have been pushing the guest blogging for so long now but I think it’s over rated! I would much prefer to forums market and promote on twitter. But again who knows maybe I’m missing out by not guest blogging. I guess if you’re a good writer and your content if good quality then it can benefit you.

    • Thanks Brian for stopping by, I agree now a days forums market are gaining but guest post can be a good way to get a spike of traffic if done correctly. I have always get a spike on this blog whenever I do guest posting for it.

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