Makewebworld has got a Google Love – A PR3 Blog Now


It’s been a short and steady journey for Makewebworld till now and in this journey today is an important day.

I was doing my keyword analysis in Market Samurai, when I just noticed that rank update has bring a different number for the page rank of Makewebworld. Good thing is that the number is higher than the last time.

Yes, It has got a PR3 now.

Celebration for Makewebworld

Image Credit: David Castillo Dominici

It’s a short journey of three and a half month, where I have tried to add value for the readers through the posts, its good to see some rewards coming on the way.

I am not writing this post to show a page rank (though I am really happy for the rank), I am making this post to thank all the people and bloggers who has given love to Makewebworld, who has shared or mentioned Makewebworld in any way.

Thanks to everybody who has made this short journey so wonderful and connect to Makewebworld in any way possible.

I would like to mention few people who has helped this blog in its short journey and allowed Makewebworld to feature on their blogs.

1. Ileane from Basic Blog Tips

It is really great to see somebody giving such a warm welcome to new blogs and giving them a platform to share articles with the world.

You can check the article at Facebook Timeline – Is Time Running Out

2. Mitz from WordPress Website Builder

Mitz has a great blog where she offer a good opportunity to get an exposure and connect with many new people. Also a lot of learning for any people who connects with her.

You can check the articles at 6 Things to Check When Creating a New Blog and 5 Things you Should Look for in Premium Themes (Which was the Guest Posing winner for Sep-11).

3. Problogger

There is no introduction required for a blog like Problogger, Makewebworld has been featured on that also (watch the space for few more).

You can check the article at What You Can Take From Your Blog’s Worst Day.

4. Brian from Blogengage

This is a special thanks to Brian for creating such a wonderful platform to meet with best people in blogging world and engage with them. Blogengage has played a special part in creating a links and giving exposure to Makewebworld.

5. Andy from Comluv

Andy has been amazing with commentluv premium plugin and comluv blog. Both has played its part in link building, getting traffic to the blog and making connections. I was in the first few who bought Commentluv Premium plugin when its launched and I feel it’s one of the good decision which I have taken.

You can check the article at 5 Changes to Reduce Bounce Rate by 50%

A Gift for the readers:

Makewebworld was a nofollow blog till now but to show a gratitude for the readers, I have added a gift for the readers.

Now you can get a dofollow link by doing plus one while commenting. So go ahead and get a dofollow love.

Once again thanks for the love and support given to Makewebworld and I hope this will continue to come.


  1. A nice reward in the form of a number but a huge pat on the back in terms of validation for the content you’re creating and sharing with the world!

    In the wake of recent Google updates, only the high quality blogs that offer legitimate value are surviving and I’m thrilled to see you’ve been acknowledged as one such site!

  2. Thanks for your tips, i was struggling to improve my pagerank but after the updates, i still remain stagnant. i guess i still have a lot to do.

  3. Congrats Sanjeev. Must feel like a good feeling to get to that point.

    It take hard work to get there, but with hard work, anything is possible. Now I am waiting myself to build the page rank of my blog.

    Now its time to hit 4, 5, or 6 Page rank 🙂

    • Thanks Samuel, I am trying to keep going, let’s see how much time it takes to reach 4…
      Best of luck for your blog…Keep promoting..

  4. Congratulations Sanjeev! You’ve been putting really good quality content on your site to benefit your readers so you deserve the Google love. 🙂

  5. congrats , i know how it feel to have a PR on your blog .

    i also went from pr0 to pr3 on my first update ,i didnt knew anything about Guest posts then , used to spend who day submitting website to directories and that was so damn boring . but it was long ago in 2007. sadly due to lack of time i had to drop the domain.

    anyways best of luck with the website. even this page is showing to have PR 2 in my firefox SEO bar . great !

  6. Hey great to see your blog is doing well! I see many people retweet your posts and you seem to provide real value to your readers.

    Keep it up, you’ll be a pro blogger soon!

    Btw.. Your blog looks great on the iPad!

    • Hi Andy, Thanks for the supporting words. Commentluv Premium has played a good role in promotion and social engagement on this blog, so a big thanks goes to you also for that.

  7. Thanks for the links that you provided. I went ahead an bookmarked them. Also congrats by the way! Would love to get involved with this specific community and try to give value back! Cheers!

  8. Congrats Sanjeev! Thanks also for the links, its helpful.. Hope to see more interesting post from your blog!

  9. Congratulations on getting such a PR jump so quickly. Some of the people you list as being of help are in my list of good folk too.


  10. So do a lot of analysis on that. Hope you would like the information shared at Makewebworld. Congratulations on your blogs growth.

  11. What is your keyword where you wanted to rank for?

    “I was doing my keyword analysis in Market Samurai, when I just noticed that rank update has bring a different number for the page rank of Makewebworld. Good thing is that the number is higher than the last time.”

    • I use Market Samurai for many things, actually I try to rank each page of this blog for something. So do a lot of analysis on that. Whenever I write any post I try to search which keyword it can rank for.

      I think this is the only post which I don’t track in market samurai.

  12. This really is great that you got a pr3 blog. I really like it when I see my page rank change always, after it changes I feel kind of proud because my hard work finally worked out. Keep on the good work!

    • Thanks Linda, this is also special for me as its the first page-rank update for Makewebworld, I started this blog after the last page-rank update in June. Its good to see some return of the hard work put in.

  13. Hi Sanjeev,
    Congrats on your PR update, you are doing great stuff here and I wish you best of luck for your blogging success.


  14. Hi Sanjeev.
    My congrats on your updated PR! It’s the result of your work and I’m sure it’s a pleasant result for you) But you can’t stop. Keep onwith your work!

  15. Sanjeev we have helped you grow but I also say thanks for helping blog engage grow. Our members have made our community as amazing as it is today. So I wanted to also say thank you for engaging with us! I’m very thankful for you taking your time and spending it on blog engage I enjoy chatting with you online and hope we are lucky to see you continue this success with us over at blog engage.

    This is the exact reason you were named the Blog Engage Top User. Your hard work, determination and commitment to your goals is unbelievable and remarkable. Congratulations on your blogs growth.

    • Hi Brian, Thanks for the wishes. Blogengage is a great place to engage with fellow bloggers, the only thing in return we can do is spent some time and network with them. Thanks for creating that place.

  16. Hi Sanjeev,
    I am so happy and excited for you and the success of your blog. The time frame in which you brought this success to fruition is incredible. You are right about having gratitude to so many other bloggers. I, too, have to thank my readers and fellow bloggers for the success of my site. However, it took me a year and a half to get some good recognition. I couldn’t have done it without many of my fellow bloggers
    Enjoy your success, keep going forward, and celebrate “You” & “Makewebworld”!

    Sincerely Happy for you! Sally

    • Thank You Sally, I am also amazed for the time-frame and doing analysis on what has worked. Might be a topic for next post.

      Yes, We couldn’t have done this without the support of fellow blogger and readers. They are the main pillar of our success.

  17. Hi Sanjeev
    Thank you for the fantastic plug!!! I love publishing your articles as they are well written and people just like you.. Congratulations on the PR 3!!!! That is fantastic and I am sure it is only the beginning! 🙂

    • Thanks Mitz for stopping by. You have a great blog where a post gets a proper exposure in terms of time on homepage and with the active community you have. Always enjoyed posting on your blog.

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