Do not be a social media duffer – Try these smart tips


An impressive social media presence is what everyone around wants but this is not an easy task by any means. You will have to work your tails off to build a great social media presence that really pays you off in the long run.

It takes painfully long time to build a band of faithful followers who would not mind sharing your posts with their friend or give a thumb up to your posts in the form of Likes and retweets. But if you can manage to follow some and basic simple rules that still govern the social sphere, you would not have to spend hours after building and maintaining a great social media presence.

Social Media Target

Set a Goal

Believe it or not, most of the big brands do not have any clue as such why they are on facebook or twitter. They are following the trends blindly and have no idea that social media can contribute to the growth of their business though indirectly.

So, before you take a jump, you need to set a clear goal. Unless you do not know what you want to achieve, success will continue to elude you. However, do not concentrate too much on the ROI, social media is different playing field and that means, you cannot expect straight return from it. It will help you build the blocks of trust and that it. However, there are other metrics that you can easily set as target like:

  • Number of followers
  • Number of retweets on an average
  • Number of facebook likes on an average
  • Number of comments

Create a Connection

Your social presence should be interconnected. For say, you should not isolate your blog from your Twitter and Facebook account or the other way round. Inter connect your all social media account will help you stay connected with all your fans round the clock and it will also make it easier for you manage the accounts and spread the message.

If managed properly, you will be able to see a steady rise in the number of followers and social mention. Just make sure you are not making people feel bored by posting the same thing over and over again.

Spend Time on Social media sites Evenly

It does not make any sense to spend more than 20 minutes on social media sites. However, if you are concerned about your social presence is being represented, you should make a point that you are not spending more than 20 minutes, three times in a day.

This is enough to monitor and figure out what people are talking about you. Do not let social media rule your life rather you should rule over it. Sketch out a proper plan and you will be happy like anything else without spending hours on laptop.

Do Not Struggle with Google +

It is natural that we do not know how to promote on Google Plus since this is a new platform and it is evolving each day. So, do not feel frustrated if you are struggling with your Google Business page because everyone around is struggling.

Just show me a single successful Google Plus business page. Um… this is tough. Since there is no hard and fast rule, you should focus on basic of social media promotion like updating it regularly, replying to the comments and other similar things.

Take out the Guess Work

The success of becoming successful in social media sites is pretty simple; you just need to share what people like the most. Posting random updates about the ongoing Euro cup is not going to help you in one way or the other.

So, try to take advantages of Facebook’s Edgerank and statics and I believe you will be able to make the most of it. Figure out which time is the best for updating your posts or which time members seem to be most active. Once you get the hang on it, you are in safe hand.

Schedule The Update

Do not post all the updates at one ago. This does not make any sense and sometimes, it may even make you look like a little spammer. Rather you should use auto scheduling that will schedule your update and that means, you would not have to log in and out four or five times a day to be able to post the updates. It is super simple and all you got to do is find a tool. There are zillions of them available.

Use these methods to make your social media journey more enjoyable and blissful.

Michael Evans is a passionate writer and he is currently associated with WebArts, a Social Media company based in Cyprus.


  1. Good tips! I am new to the social media marketing aspect and this post has been enlightening. A question: do you keep your personal page different from your professional one? Or have you combined the two? What if you are , (for example) a writer who needs to promote herself/himself? You are not promoting a brand, but yourself. So, in this case should you have a separate page for the two?

  2. Totally agree with the first one, set a goal. Doing something without a goal is like a running athlete, keeps running but doesn’t see any competitor ahead and thinks he’s the fastest.

  3. Hi Michael,

    I’d also say don’t try and use every single social networking platform just because it’s there. Just focus on 3 that relate to your niche and stick with them, people spread themselves too thin and don’t achieve anything.

  4. Michael, agree with you that one should not ignore google+. There are also lots of SEO benefits associated with it. Also, liked your idea of scheduling posts. Till now, I never tried scheduling but I think I will give it a shot since I dont want to be considered as a spammer on the social platforms

  5. Hey Michael
    This is a great post. With the growing popularity of social media for business, one cannot avoid not knowing what it is all about. The tips you have shared are very useful for the social media users. A great social media presence is what every business looks for today.

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