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This week’s Future of Publishing with Murray Newlands examines Repost.Us, an exciting service that lets users instantly post articles (with permission from the writer) on their site even if the article has been posted somewhere else.

Watch the episode to find out more:

[youtube src=”lcQKTgUVPSo”]

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  1. Not really sure how such a service can be helpful….at a time when article directories and some other top blogs dont allow the content to be republished, such a concept can cause more harm than good as it may lead to penalization by google….only hard and ethical work will pay in the long run now.

  2. With all the duplicate content debate, i wonder how could it be a good idea? Gone are the days of lazy SEO and content building, now you have to work hard for SEO

    • This is more in terms of providing content to your regular readers rather than trying to rank the duplicate content and gain new readers…Google has a way to let them know it is a duplicate content and they take care of it…

  3. This is great to have more content on your website, but don’t you think this will be duplicate content which search engines do not like? Better be careful when using

    • Yes it will be duplicate content, but search engine doesn’t like us to try ranking that duplicate content which can be easily handled with rel= canonical tag..

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