YouTube: What Are Important Factors For The Success Of Your Channel

YouTube Success Factors

This post is part of the step by step guide to successful youtube channel series. You can follow the series with the series home page.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and provides an ample opportunities to get traffic for your blog. The only thing which needs to be done is to create a channel and include it in your blog promotion methods.

YouTube is not only a place for getting a traffic for your blog, you can also monetize your videos and earn money from it. So its a good place to start earning money without investing anything in domain name or hosting.[Continue Reading]

5 Mobile Apps To Help You Find Content Creation Opportunities

google current

Smartphone has become so integral part of the life these days that our entertainment, social life and most of the online activities drives from them. We, as a blogger can do much more with those powerful devices.

How about using them to generate the ideas for content creation. Everybody have their smartphone with them 24×7 and we can do these task any time, any place.

Here are few apps which can help you in generating the content creation ideas:[Continue Reading]

The Top Twitter Imperatives for Bloggers

Social Signal

Twitter is among the largest social networking platform having millions of people active over it. In fact, it is called as the best place for bloggers, which can help your blog to grow and reach out to more number of new readers.

However, you have couple of constraints, which you need to overcome to start using it effectively. The first one is the word limitation of 140, which proves as a challenge to most of the users and secondly, you do not have a tailor made handbook to share most of the secrets about Twitter.[Continue Reading]

Increasing Organic Traffic to Your Blog

Organic Traffic Parameters

When you think about the traffic that comes into your blog are you typically thinking of paid searches or your rank on Google? However there are other ways to increase your traffic beyond paying for it.

Organic traffic is much better in the long term than any SEO gimmick or search engine trick. Best of all, you do not have to pay for organic traffic which means you are not eating into your profits with every visitor.

But how do you go about getting more organic traffic? Well, here are a few tips:[Continue Reading]

How To Put Your Social Media Strategy In A Right Place

Social media concept to promote a blog

Social media marketing is one type of Internet marketing that aims to build and spread a company’s brand and communicate marketing message via participation in the sphere of social media networks.

Social media, by the way, is the broad term used to encompass both the specific activities involving social interaction, such as exposure to images, audio, video and textual web content, as well as the general, overall arena for these activities.[Continue Reading]

The Connection between Social Sharing and SEO

Social Signal

What have you noticed about our virtual world these days?

Surely, you must have observed that billions of individuals are already turning to the Internet to obtain some (if not, plenty) of their needs. Most of the time, they search for the following:

  • Information
  • Services
  • Products
  • Entertainment

No matter your domain’s niche or purpose, you need to apply particular strategies in order to be one of the first websites your target audience spots.[Continue Reading]

Listening: How to Learn More About Your Audience Through Social Media

Social media concept to promote a blog

As a business, you’re constantly hearing how you need to use social media to learn more about your customers. That sounds good, but what your company isn’t being told is HOW to use social media to learn more about your customers.

Simply having a social media account is not enough to help you learn what your customers think about your products and services, what they wish you could provide, what they’re interested in and even who they are.

When you know all of this information, you can not only learn about your audience, but you can also cater your marketing so that it reaches them effectively.[Continue Reading]

Does Facebook Affect My Teenager? The Answer is Yes.

Facebook Affect

You might think it’s completely harmless for an innocent teenager to log on to Facebook, check out their news feed, goes through a few friends’ profiles, mabe send a chat message to one or two people on their “Online” list. We all know the teenagers themselves think it’s harmless.

But is Facebook actually affecting these teenagers in a negative way? Countless studies on the subject show some pretty shocking results.[Continue Reading]

Social Media Etiquettes that you should not Ignore


So, you are entrusted with the responsibility to spearheading a social media marketing campaign. Um, how on earth you are supposed to do it?

Should you go after the Likes or Retweets that your boss believes by heart is the only way to measure the outcome of a social media marketing campaign? But as things stand, it is not that easy to get thousand of Likes or Retweet unless the posts are highly interesting and innovative.

So, what you are supposed to do? Yeah, I know it is tempting to jump into the bandwagon of some spamming tools to get thousands of Likes and retweets in a matter of one hour. Please don’t be a stupid, as this will shorten your social media life span by inviting a penalty.[Continue Reading]

Top Ten Tips for Launching a New Blog With a Bang

Launching a new Blog

The first few months of a new blogs life are rarely a joy for its owner. It’s a time characterised by both doubts about the blogs profitability and very little revenue to ease those doubts.

Most bloggers in this situation are therefore looking to get out of it as soon as possible i.e. they want to turn their new blog into an established and successful one as fast as possible.

While a certain amount of patience is always going to be required (a week old blog is a week old blog regardless of what you do), it is possible to increase the speed at which a new blog grows. Here are ten effective tips for doing just that.[Continue Reading]