Listening: How to Learn More About Your Audience Through Social Media

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As a business, you’re constantly hearing how you need to use social media to learn more about your customers. That sounds good, but what your company isn’t being told is HOW to use social media to learn more about your customers.

Simply having a social media account is not enough to help you learn what your customers think about your products and services, what they wish you could provide, what they’re interested in and even who they are.

When you know all of this information, you can not only learn about your audience, but you can also cater your marketing so that it reaches them effectively.

The following are three ways that you can use social media to learn more about your customers.

1. Read up on who they are.

Every social media platform allows its users to create a profile, and you need to read through these profiles to find out who they are.

Are your followers made up mostly of females or males? Did most of them attend and/or graduate from college? Do they have families? You can also use their profiles to find out what area they’re from.

All of the information you can pull from your followers’ profiles can be used to help you determine who makes up your target audience as well as help you determine how to best reach them.

Social media concept to promote a blog
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2. Determine when they’re the most social.

If you want to have a solid social media presence, you need to push your messaging out when your followers are most likely to read it. The more people you can push your messaging in front of, the more impact it will have on your company’s success.

You can always schedule a few different posts at different times and on different days of the week. If you notice a large number of likes or retweets on a certain day and time, it’s possible that your audience is most likely social during that timeframe.

If you don’t think you can trust the test and measure tactic, you can always employ the help of an online tool such as Tweriod, which will provide you with analytics on your tweets as well as insight into your followers’ schedules and social usage.

3. Hear what they’re asking for.

Pay attention to the posts your followers are generating as well as those they comment on. You should also pay attention to other pages they like or other companies they’re following.

Most importantly, listen to what they say about your brand, whether in their own posts or on your company’s page. Use this information to provide your customers with what they want. When you satisfy your customers, you keep them loyal to your brand.

Use social media to learn more about your customers instead of simply increasing your brand exposure. You can market your company all you want, but if you’re not marketing to the right group or giving your customers what they want, your marketing efforts will be unsuccessful.

Instead, use social to learn more about your audience and provide them with the info and marketing that will generate action.

[box]Caleb Grant is a keyword strategy expert and writer for SEOMAP – a group specializing in SEO keyword research.[/box]


  1. It does sound like a good idea (on paper, and in practice if you have a big social network). But for a lot of new blogs that only have a few likes/twitter followers, they’re getting a pretty narrow view of their customer base b/c the customer base is so small.

  2. What would you suggest when your followers or friends have different interests? Do you suggest writing different niche’s to gather more followers? Please suggest.

  3. I agree with you that add minded people and gain more and more knowledge and also we create a business network and learn what a customer think about our products and services. It is very valuable article for us.

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