10 Ways To Successfully Promote Your YouTube Videos

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One of the main problems in Video Marketing is promotion of the videos you create for YouTube.

If you are following MakeWebWorld YouTube channel, you must have noticed the growth it had in past few months.

I have started giving lot of importance on video marketing and it has already become one of the main contributors to my referral traffic.

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Once you have a setup to create video and start uploading them, you can use these promotion methods to promote your YouTube Videos.

1. Social Sharing

Social sharing is not only good for your blog post but also for your videos.

You should share it on your FaceBook and Google+ Pages. You can share it to your twitter followers or your Triberr tribes.

These social sharing will create back-links for your videos and also get you required views.

If you have good social following, you can get some initial views on the videos. Initial views are very important to promote your YouTube videos.

2. Google+ Communities

Google+ is one of the fast growing social networks. It has some good communities where you can promote your videos.

Google+ communities are dedicated niche places where you can find your targeted audience.

I do participate in many Google+ communities and promote YouTube videos based on the topic of the community.

Promote Your YouTube Videos
YouTube Promotion Methods

3. FaceBook Groups

FaceBook has groups, which is similar to Google+ communities. They are the dedicated place on Facebook where you can share and get some more likes for your videos.

You can get some initial views and share for your videos.

Just make sure that you are not spamming the group with unrelated videos or too many links.

4. Embed in Blog Post

YouTube video also needs back links to gain raking in YouTube and Google search results. Whenever somebody embeds your videos to the post or page, it creates a back link for the video.

If it is possible to write a post around the video topic and embed that video on that post, than its a good idea to do that.

It creates a back link for the video and also gives some traffic to your blog.

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5. YouTube Advertisement

A YouTube advertisement is a good way to bring some traffic and views to your videos.

YouTube offers Display Ads, Overlay In-video Ads, TrueView In-stream Ads and Non-skippable In-Stream Ads.

You can use this variety of ads for gaining maximum advantages. You can connect to Google Adwords tool to create video campaign and start showing ads.

You can do some experiment to see the performance of the ads and decide the final campaign based on the feedback.

6. Use Fan Finder

Subscribers are a good way to promote your videos. Your videos are shown in the home feed of your subscribers and will fetch you some initial views and likes.

YouTube also wants you to get more subscribers and they have created Fan Finder for you, which is a free of cost service. You can check it under channel settings.

You can create a 30 second channel ad and YouTube will run it on your behalf to gain more subscribers.

7. More Likes To Promote Your YouTube Videos

This is another thing, which can help you gain higher ranking in search engines. The more likes you get for your videos, more higher it’s going to rank.

You should not expect people to like your videos, you should remind them.

There are few ways you can do it. You can have YouTube Annotation to tell viewers about the like button or you should ask them in your videos to like it.

I have started asking viewers in my videos and have seen a good increase in number of likes.

8. Email Promotion

If you have a good email subscription than you can promote it with your subscribers.

You can send an email with the details about the video and a link to it, it’s a good way of getting views and likes on your videos.

9. Playlists

Playlist is a good feature on YouTube to attach related videos and provide users complete information.

You can create a playlist with the videos, which makes sense to watch in one go and provide additional information to the users.

YouTube promote those playlist and get you more views. Also playlist does improve the view time for your channel, as most people tend to watch complete videos.

10. Use Giveaways

This is something, which is not used that extensively.

You can use Giveaways to promote your YouTube videos, provide them something to watch your videos.

You can set a minimum time to watch that video to become eligible or this can be part of some existing giveaway running on your site.

These are the ways you can promote your YouTube videos. There are some other ways like views exchange networks or buying the views.

I do not recommend buying the views because most people use automated software to increase views and it actually affects your average view time.

Average view time is very important matrix for YouTube and if your average view time is going lower, it will effect negatively to your videos.

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You can use views exchange networks to gain some free additional views. You can also set the minimum view time on these networks so it can take care of average view time.

The only drawback is that you also need to invest some more time in those networks, but it is worth the return.

These are the methods, which are working for me. What are the methods you are using to promote your YouTube videos?


  1. Great ways to apply and promote Yutube videos. I agree that social sharing and facebook pages/groups are the best ways.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Hi Sanjeev,

    I love boosting video views through my newsletter emails and blog posts.

    If I normally snag 5 viewers per each video I get 50, 70 or more views for each video I send out via newsletter. My list is pretty big so I know why I am seeing the instant surge.

    Promote your videos across as many channels as possible.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are indeed practical ways to promote a Youtube video, especially the social shares. A video can go viral on the social networks and can boast the video views. I think Social shares and Youtube advertisement are the best methods to promote a Youtube video.

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