How To Resize Images Automatically Through Mac Automator


Mac Automator is one of the handy apps, which comes pre-installed on Mac. It allows repetitive tasks to be automated through the drag and drop interface.

Last time I have created a service, which will rename multiple files based on user input.

This time we will create a service, which will resize images and add a watermark to those images.

As a blogger, I always need to deal with images. I need to resize them to a certain size so they can correctly fit in the blog post.

I always have to do this manually, so I decided to create a service, which will resize the image, convert to a specific type and add a watermark to the image.

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Create New Mac Automator Service For Image Resizing

You can open Mac Automator from launcher or through spotlight (Just search for Automator in spotlight).

1. Create a new Mac Automator service, and select image file as a input in any application for that service.

Check the below snapshots for the image resizing service.

Image resize service with Mac Automator
Image resize service with Mac Automator

2. The first step is to copy the original file, so that your source will be unaltered.

You can add a copy finder items action and select a path where you want to add the copy.

Do not add anything before this, as it will alter the original file.

3. Now we need to scale the images as per our need. I have used Pixelmator services because it provides more flexibility.

[box]Pixelmator is an image-editing app for Mac, which provides advanced options for the image editing.

It has most of the advanced options and learning curve is bit easier than Photoshop. If you are not a graphics designer and needs image editing, Pixelmator is for you.[/box]

If you do not have Pixelmator, you can use scale images action for photos.

With Pixelmator fit images action, we can specify the length and width to scale the image.

4. If you want the image to be in specific type, you can add change type of image action.

Add the action and select the type.

I want my images to be JPEG, so I have selected it from the options.

5. I also want to add a watermark to these images.

This is specific action from Pixelmator, so you can skip this, if you do not have the app.

You need to pass the watermark image and location where you need to add this.

Only drawback is that you can’t define the transparency options, so the image will be applied on top of original image.

Save this new service to gain an access in the contextual menu. You can it any name, and that name will be used to show it in the menu.

Now you can right click on any image file and choose the service from services menu. It will create a new file and apply all the changes on it automatically.

If you want to apply all the changes to original file and do not want to create a copy, just remove the action copy finder items and original image will be altered.

This is how you can use Mac Automator to create image resize service. Drop a comment below if you face any issue in using this service.


  1. This is very Good Tutorial For me and Apple Mac is not a simple to use You Solve my Problem Thank you so much now i m able to resize my picture using the Aumomator Option with my Mac System.I have Gaming Site so lots of picture want to resize it and save need to much time surf but now feel relax after to read this post my feeling is very high you save my time with this tip thank you again.

  2. This is so awesome and time saving for any blogger that uses Mac. I use PC though but sometimes i work with Mac and never thought i could do such on Mac, i have really learnt something great here and one i will always appreciate. Thanks for sharing.

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