Movavi Mac Media Player For Your Audio And Video Files


One of the major problem with iMac’s and Macbook’s is they can only play certain type of audio and video files. You have to convert your video files to play on it.

Movavi Mac Media Player can play almost any type of media files, be it audio or video. It’s single software, which can help you with your multimedia collection.

User Interface

The user interface of Movavi Mac Media Player is very simple and effective. You can add media files or folder and create a playlists.

Movavi Mac Media Player
Movavi Mac Media Player

The only thing is that it only allows having one playlist and you can’t save and reopen playlists.

Preferences Panel is very small but allows you to set Hotkeys for most of the actions in the media player.

Preference Panel

All the other controls are available on the screen itself like shuffle, play next, play previous, full screen and volume.

Movavi Mac Media Player allows you to forward video files frame by frame which is one of the good feature, if you want to take the snaps out of your home videos.

You can also select the audio tracks, if you have multiple tracks in the video file. You can change it right from the full screenplay.

It’s a very light media player, which can play the HD video files with ease and without much load on the CPU.

Audio Files

The Mac Media Player can also play all kinds of audio files.

It can make use of Art covers and can display it full screen while playing the music. Not many media players use the full screen while playing music.

Feature Requests

You can request the new feature or vote for existing request. The option is right there in the main menu that will take you to the Movavi site, where you can request new feature or vote for the features.

All in all, Movavi Mac Media player is a good and simple player, which can play all kinds of audio and video files without much load on the CPU.