SendGrid – An Email Solution for all Business



SendGrid is an Email Solution for all kind of business, it can handle from few email a day to thousands of emails.

This product can be easily integrated with any kind of business and will give you an ease of handling your emails without worrying about infrastructure and resources.

This is an economical and reliable solution for email systems, which also provides scalability.

They have affordable pricing plan based on number of emails starting from free and can be upgraded later based on the need.

Main Features of SendGrid:

SendGrid Get Started

Sendgrid provides an easy to integrate interface, which can be implemented within minutes. It provides an all kind of API’s to make integration easy or it can be integrated via a simple SMTP relay.

SendGrid Analtyics

It also provides analytic option for emails, which provides ways to track requests, delivered, bounces, repeat bounces, spam reports, repeat spam reports, invalid email requests, open tracking, unique open tracking, click tracking, unique click tracking, unsubscribe tracking and blocks.

These options can be accessed through their website dashboard or web API.

SendGrid handles ISP monitoring, DKIM, domain keys, SPF, feedback loops, white labeling, link customization and more. SendGrid even offers unique IP addresses so that you can maintain complete control of your own email reputation.

What do you say, does it sound promising to give it a try or use for your business?

Their free account is also good for small business which allows you to send 200 emails per day with all the features included. If you want to give it a try, then it’s a good way to start.You can try at SendGrid



  1. This is absolutely the best email solution for any businesses in different industry. As we all know, businesses are after of emails when it comes on communicating with clients or suppliers.

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