1. Hi Sanjeev,

    Thanks for microjobs sites like Fiverr. You can find a professional and skilled people whom are ready to provide you with your blog design for a cheap price. That is how I got my blog logos. Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Another excellent tip Sanjeev! Its funny though that when I was designing the logo for my blog it is described by my friends as ancient design. Well, I could use your tips to design a better one! Thanks again.

  3. I checked the cooltxt site and it really looks very cool to those who are looking for some stylish buttons for their blogs. Though there are other items available, but I find the buttons much interesting than the others offer like font, etc.

    • There are some good buttons available, I like their text logo services also. They give transparent PNG’s, only thing is that you need to know the font and color you want to use…

  4. Thanks for sharing these really useful sites. They really helped me to get my logo for my own blog. Keep on the good work!

  5. Fiverr is my favorite destination not only for logo design but many other tedious tasks. I do some selling on fiverr as well and it worth the time put into the service.

    • Fiver is a great place to get some cheap things done, though some caution is required as there are some below par services available (but well worth of a risk as it’s only 5 bucks). Good for fun and work both..

  6. As not everybody has the right tools and skills for logo design, Fiverr is a great and cheap starting place to search for a custom logo.
    But if you are looking for a more professional looking logo and you don’t want to take the risk of gambling with fiverr then you should opt for LogoNerds. I think it’s the best option for a not so expensive but still professional looking logo.
    I must say that I have tried creating a logo and a package design once, and although I enjoy drawing, I was a total amateur in design. It turned out decent, nothing fancy, but for the time and energy I’ve put in the project I would have happily chose a $27 service from LogoNerds. The thing with creating the logo even if you know you have the right skills is that the customer has all these ideas and demands that will most likely drain you out.

    • Yes Dan, LogoNerds is really a great place, I have also tried many things before settling for them and it’s really a great price to save all the energy and effort, which can be utilized on creating content or promoting your blog.

  7. Hy Sanjev.
    new reader of your blog and found it very interesting and useful. these services are great addition into my knowledge. will try these services whenever i need thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Yes, its great and you can get many services there. The only thing is you need to go with little caution as there are many below average services also.

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