YouTube: How To Link Multiple Channels Under One User ID

YouTube Multiple Accounts
YouTube Multiple Accounts

This post is part of theĀ step by step guide to successful youtube channel series. You can follow the series with the series home page.

In last two posts we have talked about the major success factors for YouTube and things which we should do after creating a channel. Now lets see how we can differentiate between the business channel and personal channel.

There is a restriction on YouTube that you can have only one channel per user id, which creates a problem having personal and business channel on the same account.

Most of the people are using different id’s for their business and personal channels but now you can club them together with the help of Google+ page.

If you have multiple channels under your id, here is how it will look:

YouTube Multiple Accounts
YouTube Multiple Accounts

Now you can connect YouTube Channel to your Google+ page and it will be acted as a separate channel for that page.

This way you can create as many business channels as you want, as long as you connect them to Google+ business page.

How To connect YouTube Channel to Google+ Page

Connecting YouTube channel to Google+ page also creates a tab on Google+ page and promotes your videos on Google+.

If your YouTube user id and Google+ page are using the same email id, than you can connect them from YouTube Settings -> Advanced -> Link Google+ Page.

This only works if you are creating a new channel. If you already have the old channel with a different email id, you will not be able to link them directly.

How to link YouTube Channel and Google+ Page on Different Id

If you have your YouTube channel on different id, you can still connect them together.

You need to add the YouTube id to Google+ page as a Manager. You can do that in Google+ page settings, under managers tab.

Just add the email id and it will send an verification email. Once you click on the verification link the email, that email id will be added as a manager of the Google+ page.

Once that is done you can connect them from YouTube Settings -> Advanced -> Link Google+ Page.

This will create a separate channel under the Google+ page and your main youtube id will be free for the personal channel.

Have you linked the YouTube channel to Google+ page?


  1. hi, is there anyway to add two audios to a same video on youtube. its a hindi video dubbed in english. the hindi video have 60,000 views. i need to add that number to the video with an english audio.. can i do that by any means.???

  2. Fantastic tips Sanjeev! I know this will help a lot of people who are tangled up with a bunch of different Google+ and YouTube accounts.


  3. It is required thing for every person who want online expose to their creative video channel. Nice & easy to follow points to link multiple Youtube channels, And Google Plus account also.

  4. wow…it’s really nice to know about How To Link Multiple Channels just Under One User ID. Sanjeev i just followed every step of your article & I got success…yeah I do it & I Linked Multiple Channels in just one user ID

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