Scribe SEO – Why Its Your Best Friend For Improved Author Rank


Scribe SEO Content Marketing is a tool which is meant to help you gaining success in SERP’s. It’s a software which can do research for your content, can help you in writing and even it can help you in promoting the content.

For bloggers, on page SEO tool and content research tool are their best friends. Before writing any new content, you need to research on the topic and find out what the users are looking for.

Once your content is live, you need to make sure it is getting promoted correctly so that it gets the required visibility. Scribe SEO can do all of this work from the WordPress dashboard.

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What Scribe SEO Can Do

Keyword Research

Scribe SEO is a one shop tool for all your content marketing need. It allows users to do the keyword research from the WordPress dashboard itself.

You can look for the keyword suggestions and check the competition for those keywords. Once you finalize the keyword, you can save that term as a target term.

Scribe Keyword analysis panel is somewhat limited but provide all the required information. It provides you suggestion of the keywords with the popularity and competition.

If you are looking for more detailed analysis then you always go to Market Samurai.

Scribe SEO Keyword Analysis
Scribe SEO Keyword Analysis

This panel also provide suggestions for the headline of the content. You can check the Google Trends, topic discussed on twitter and Google+ etc.

This will help you in checking what other people are talking about that keyword and you can frame your title accordingly.

You can also choose multiple term for the post and it will analyze the post for all those terms.

Check the below chart and see what Scribe can do for the SEO of your blog.

Scribe SEO Content Marketing Tool
Scribe SEO Tool

Because Scribe SEO plans comes with limited number of research and Content evaluation, it saves the research done previously. You can come back and refer them for more analysis, so there is no worry of loosing the work.

Scribe SEO Content Optimizer

Once you have the content ready, you can use the Scribe content optimizer for optimizing the content for SEO.

It scans the content and provide all the required tips to optimize the content for SEO. It provides an page score and site score for the content which fits well with Google Author Rank patent.

Author Rank is something which is going to be important term in the near future and everybody is looking onĀ how to improve your author rank.

Google has mentioned a self similarity score in their patent and site score gives an idea about that.

That not all, it even suggest you some related keyword to improve the visibility of your content and the tags which can be used for the post.

Scribe SEO Content optimizer does not limit itself to the target term but it finds the frequently used keyword and provide recommendation for each one of them. This is a great feature as you can work on multiple keywords at the same time.

For bloggers there is a 27 page SEO report from Brian Clark, which provides a step by step strategy for creating compelling content. Go ahead and grab your copy of thatĀ report for free.

Link Building

Scribe SEO is not only a tool for on page SEO, its a complete package for SEO management.

Once your content is ready, you need to look for link building so that your content can rank in search results.

But what is the best place to start the link building?

Your Own Blog!

You own the content, its already ranking and it can be linked as soon as possible. Scribe can find your internal pages which can be used to create a link to new content.

Once you have created the links, you can use site connections for external link building.

Site Connections

Site connections is another place where Scribe can help. It provides a place to look for external linking opportunities.

You can use it to check the site score for any keyword and fine the external linking opportunities for that keyword.

It can also provide social media discussions on the same page, so you can join the active discussion on the topic or connect with the influencing users.

This is a great way to rank for any keyword, you can write a compelling content and do all the SEO related work from the WordPress dashboard.

Different Versions of Scribe SEO

Scribe is not only a WordPress plugin, it comes in different versions. You can even use Scribe SEO from web or Microsoft word.

You will get all the services with the subscription, but does it is helpful for your content marketing?

You will get similar features in all the versions so it gives a ease of usage. You are not stuck because of one resource is unavailable and can do your research from anywhere.

Scribe SEO Price

One of the main contention point is price, it comes with a monthly subscription fee rather then one time license fee.

The basic plan cost around $97 per month which might not be suitable for small marketers.

Once you start growing and have many content piece on the blog, it becomes hard to keep a tab on internal link structure. Scribe SEO comes a long way in managing that.

Scribe SEO is a good software to have as a content marketer. It can save a lot of effort for you by helping you in all aspect of content creation.


    • Yes, I have also set it up and has seen positive changes after that…Its only a start and there will be more changes towards it once Authorship is stable in web world….
      I still see many people not using authorship or Google+, they need to understand the importance of these things in SERP’s….

    • At this point of time Author Rank does not play big role, Google is still conducting some experiments on that….
      Google Authorship is the first step towards it, now google can connect content to its authors…It is expected to become a good source in near future…

  1. This is a great informative post. I never knew scribe can manage this much. This post is like an eye opener for me. The main task is the keyword research which can be effectively managed by scribe. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  2. Very informative article you have shared.
    While going through the article, the best part I liked is the “Keyword Research”.
    Thanks for the share mate.
    I appreciate your efforts.

  3. I was shocked to learn Scribe does this much. Wow! What a great tool to have. I am going to have to purchase it for my site. It would really make my content marketing easier. Thanks for the article,Sanjeev…….. Billy Roberts

  4. This is a great chapter to learn something more unique About SEO! Actually I wasn’t aware about Author Rank but I love the ways where Sanjeev has well explain about Author Rank.

    • Thanks Vivek, Author Rank is becoming important and there are sign of it gaining importance in SERP’s. Any how practices required to maintain the Author Rank can only benefit blogs..

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