YouTube: What Are Important Factors For The Success Of Your Channel

YouTube Success Factors
YouTube Success Factors

This post is part of the step by step guide to successful youtube channel series. You can follow the series with the series home page.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and provides an ample opportunities to get traffic for your blog. The only thing which needs to be done is to create a channel and include it in your blog promotion methods.

YouTube is not only a place for getting a traffic for your blog, you can also monetize your videos and earn money from it. So its a good place to start earning money without investing anything in domain name or hosting.

How To Create YouTube Channel

To create a YouTube Channel, You need to create a Google Account. Once you have the Google account, you can log in to YouTube site with that. Currently you can only have one channel with one Google id (Unless you are associating it with a Google+ Page).

Once you are logged on to the site, you will be asked to create a channel. You can give any name to your channel and start uploading your videos.

Here is a video to show you the process of creating a channel:

[youtube src=”STZ34OuxOuo”]

There are few essential things which you should complete after creating your channel, like linking it to your Google+ profile. We will talk about it in the upcoming posts.

Success Parameters For YouTube Channel

There are many important factors which define the success of your YouTube Channel like number of views, total watch time, subscribers etc. Lets first understand what each of those is and then we will look on the relationship of those factors.

Number of Views

Number of views is a number representing total number of views of your videos. If anybody clicks on your video and play it even for a second, it will be counted as a view. So its a good representation to see how many visitor you are able to attract.

But if you are getting lot of visitor and they are not watching the full video, its not a great thing.

Watch Time

Watch time is a measure of how long visitors are staying on your videos. YouTube Analytics provides watch time for each video or for the complete channel.

Earlier your rankings in the search results were driven by number of views of that video, but now Google has also realized that it is not a good method. Now Watch time is a major player for your search engine ranking.

So if your watch time for a video is low, it will not be ranking in the YouTube search results.


This is another parameter which can define the success of the YouTube Channel. Number of people subscribe to a channel, gives you an idea about the updates happening on the channel.

But this can’t be the only success criteria, as if the channel is new it might not have many subscribers but the content might be good.

How They are connected to each other

Now lets see how these three parameters connects and help each other. According to Google, their search results has been updated to use higher watch time per view, so you need to work on increasing your watch time.

YouTube Success Factors
YouTube Success Factors 

Subscribers are a great way to do that. Once a person subscribe to your channel, your channel updates will be delivered to them directly. Also according to the past data on YouTube, subscribers are the people who has the highest watch time for any channel.

So if you want to increase search results ranking for your video, you need to work on getting the subscribers as they will help you in getting more number of views and increased watch time for your videos.

YouTube Channel one design has made it easy to brand and promote your channel. We will be talking about the design and promotion of the YouTube channel in the upcoming posts.

So watch this space for more YouTube discussions.


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