MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads Pro – A New Way To Handle Your Stripe Ads

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad PRO Create Screen
MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad PRO Create Screen

Stripe Ads are a good way to get visitors attentions but to manage them is a major task. There are alternative like Hellobar or Hellobar Solo (If you prefer self hosted solutions), but none of them is perfect.

I have used Hellobar Solo on this blog before but it is not for normal user. It needs a developer to manage it and still you will not be able to get the flexibility.

MaxBlogPress has solved this problem with their new plugin – MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads Pro.

The MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads Pro plugin will give you a complete flexibility to manage your stripe ads along with complete analytics support.

If you do not like to read a lot, here is a video review of all the features.

[youtube src=”JLIYhOvc04Q”]

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads Pro Features

Multiple Stripe Ads for the site

You can create multiple stripe ads with this plugin and manage them from the wordpress dashboard. There is no limit on the number of ads and all the ads can be live on the same time.

The Plugin provides an easy to use admin interface for managing the ads along with the analytics screen. The admin interface is simple yet powerful like all other Maxblogpress plugins.

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads PRO Admin Panel
MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads PRO Admin Panel

The Admin panel has a Create new panel, Analytics Panel and Overview of your ads.

Create new panel will allow you to choose the text for the ads and link and link text. You can even change the look and feel of the links and background of your stripe ads.

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads PRO Create Screen
MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads PRO Create Screen

You can even schedule the ads based on the number of visits from the user or some time after user reached to your blog.

A/B testing for the Ads

Plugin has a complete support for A/B testing, you can test the ads on your pages and check the results through analytics. You can create multiple ads on the same page and give them different weight and they will show accordingly on the page.

You can check the performance in the Analytics screen and check which of the ads are performing well.

Analytics Support

This plugin comes with a complete analytics support which can help you check on the performance of your ads. It gives you stats like number of impression, clicks etc.

You can get the stats for a single ads or for all the live ads on the site.

Control for links and format

It also allows you to format the ads from the panel itself. You can change the color, font, link text etc from the panel. You can even change the way your link comes out in the stripe ads.

I would have loved it if it would have given an option for storing the defaults for these modifications as most of the time a site will have a single format for these ads.

But what you have is more then enough to manage your stripe ads and make them look elegant.

Control for when and where to show ads

Maxblogpress stripe ads pro gives complete control on the placement of the ads. While creating you can decide if you want to show them on a single page or on a category archive or single posts in a category.

It also allows you to control when you want to display the ads. You can show them based on number of visits or once in each session etc. This provides a complete package for your stripe ads.

Currently it can only work with stripe ads, it would be great if it can include email signup form or social engagement buttons in the bar. But I am sure that will happen with due course of time.

Update: I have changed the rating of stripe ads because of the new version released by MaxBlogPress. They have included many new elements which makes it must have now.

Now You can select the link to be a do follow or nofollow, you can display your social media profiles along with the ads. You can even choose to display the stripe ad on footer instead of header.

There are other small modification and bug fixes are also there along with these big enhancement.

So, If you are using stripe ads on your site than MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads Pro is for you. With a one time fee and lifetime updates, it is a good economical solution for the bloggers.


  1. I like Stripe Ads very much because if you choose your text and design very well, the effect could be amazing. I do not mind bumping on them on blogs that I read and I encourage people to use them. Now, talking about MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads Pro, I`ve watched your video and it seems pretty helpful and easy to use but is it worth spending the money?

    • I like the concept of having multiple stripe ads on the blog, you can select related ads for the post and check the CTR….this feature itself is worth spending…
      Its a great way to promote sales, if you are selling products on your blog…

  2. I didn’t know what the stripe ads are but now, after reading this article and doing a little web research, I have a better idea of what this is. Furthermore, this is a great article with useful information. I cannot make good use of it..yet but I am sure that there are a lot of people that will benefit from it. Cheers!

  3. This is a great tool which gives you complete power over the ads on your website. Every innovation comes with its package of solutions and complements like this one. Thanks for sharing the information.

    • Yes, It creates a lot of visibility and gets the attention of the readers. Its analytics part is also good to tell, which ads are getting more attention…

  4. A very nice and clean professional look, is there a demo or test model? My site is all about speed and i like to try out a plugin before I buy.

    • You can check it out on MaxBlogPress, It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. I am sure you won’t be returning it after trying….

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