MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Link Management System

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Affiliate Settings
MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Affiliate Settings

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online, many people make a lot of money and many might not get around the idea. Affiliate Marketing does need a good effort and requires a dedicated promotions of your affiliate links to make more money from it.

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate is an affiliate link management system which can make your link management really easy. If you do not want to read the post than check the video below:

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MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate can store all your affiliate links and can add them to your post automatically, so you would never have to worry about missing any of the promotion opportunities.

You will have an option to create groups for your affiliate links and manage it in groups. So you can create a group for your each affiliate program and manage multiple links or can create a function group for your links.

This plugin gives complete control on your links, you can setup global settings to make them nofollow or open them in new window etc. you will also have a choice to overwrite the global settings for an link and change the way they look.

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Global Settings

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Affiliate Settings
MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Affiliate Settings

These are settings which you will get:

  • Replace same keyword – You can setup how many same keyword you want to replace in the same post. I would recommend to keep this number low. You do not want your post to look spam. 2-3 is a good setting on this.
  • Ninja Link in post – You can select how many links you want to convert automatically in a post. Again I would not suggest to have a big number here, but this setting goes with the average length of the content. If your average length of the content is around 500 words, I would suggest to keep this setting at 4 (keep in mind you will add some manual links too).
  • Open in New Window – Select if you want your affiliate links to open in new window (you can change this for individual links).
  • Nofollow the links – Select if you want your affiliate links to be nofollow (you can change this for individual links).
  • Custom Link formatting – You select the custom formatting for your links, like if you want your links to be bold, underlined, with a specific color etc.
  • Exclude from Pages and categories – You can select if you want some of your page or categories to exclude from Ninja Link Processing.

Once you have setup the global settings, you can just start adding links and start sending the traffic to your affiliate programs.

While adding a new link, you can select multiple keywords to be replaced for that link. It will replace those keywords with your affiliate links in the edit screen.

It does give you an option to clock your affiliate links, but before doing that check if your affiliate network allows you to do that.

Click Tracking

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin not only converts your keywords into links, but it also tracks them so you can actually see how many clicks you have got.

It will also give you referrals for your link, so you can see which post or pages are converting well. This is really a good stats to gain an idea what your users are liking.

Plugin also provides an option to reset the count and start data gathering again, which is good in case you want to change something for that link.

Link Changer

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate makes it easy to change your links. Once any affiliate program terminates or you join something new which has great potential, you may want to change your old links.

Without MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin, it can be a long and tedious task. But with this plugin, you can just edit one affiliate link and it will replace all your old links. See how easy it is?

Smart Caching

There is always a fear of slowing down your site with the plugins running on page loading time, not with this plugin. It uses caching techniques to make sure that your page loading time is not impacted.

I have tried this plugin on one of my live blog and has not seen any changes in my load time. Though I didn’t get a chance to try this plugin with many keywords but I think it should not make much impact on page loading speed.

Backup and Restore

Once your links are setup, you can take a backup of them or restore them on your other blog. So you do not need to manually enter it in different places, build your links at one place and move them to all other blogs you have.

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate System make it really easy to manage your affiliate links and analyse your stats. If you are blogging with an affiliate marketing model you should defiantly consider getting MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate.


  1. I have read a lot of good reviews about MaxBlogPress, especially on their Ninja Affiliate system. I have not tried them myself though, but I believe they are recommended if you are in the affiliate marketing niche.

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  2. Hi Sanjeev Its really an informative post.
    I am really not much aware with Ninja Affiliates. But This post is helpful to me and eager to know more about Ninja Affiliate.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Thanks Sanjeev for this review on ninja affiliate. I have heard a lot about it an dread some positive reviews on a few blogs. Looking forward to give it a shot.

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