How to Block Low Performing AdSense Ads on Your Blog

Allow and Block Ads
Allow and Block Ads in Adsense Account

If you are using AdSense Ads on your blogs, you might have noticed some ads which are not related to your blog topic or something which you may find offensive for your readers.

Every publishers would like to increase the click through rate or at least maximize the chances that their readers will find relative stuff in the ads.

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With the Allow and Block ad services in your AdSense account, now you can have a complete control on which ads will be displayed on your blogs.

Allow and Block Ads in AdSense Account

If you want to use the allow and block Adsense ads, you need to activate it in your account. You can log into your account and click on Allow and Block Service in the top menu.

Allow and Block Adsense Ads
Allow and Block Ads in Adsense Account

At the first time, you will have to click on activate it for your account. You might face issue while trying to activate it but don’t worry, it will get corrected in a day and you will have the access.

You will have two options under that, Blocking option and Ad Review center. These options will give you full control on how you want to show the adsense ads on your blog.

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Blocking Options

These setting will give you an option to block unwanted categories and Ad networks showing ads on your blog.

Blocking Adsense Ads
Blocking Adsense Ads

You can block ads based on the categories, which is a good option to not show unrelated ads to your readers. The more related ads you will show to your readers, the best chance that they will click on that ad.

There are standard categories and you can just switch off the unrelated categories, there are sensitive categories are also which you can turn on and off.

You can also do the same to the ad networks, there are so many ad networks but if you want to block some, go ahead and do that.

Ad Review Centers

This is a section where you can revisit the individual ads and decide if you want to block any specific ads.

Ad Review Center
Ad Review Center

This section also shows what ads has been displayed on your blog under shown ads and you can check if you are getting any unrelated ads on your blog.

You have an option to block particular ads. Under the blocking options you can block the complete categories and here you can do the same for single ad.

I have done some fine tuning for my account and seen increase in click through rate for AdSense Ads. You should also check which Adsense Ads are working for your blog and block the low performing ads.


  1. Great tutorial now i relief to revenue less ad in online business ad are very essential part but some time they useless your page or makes bother your sites.
    Thank You SANJEEV

  2. I didn’t know that there are ways to nlog unwanted adsense ads. Well maybe because i am still newby to the blogging world. Thanks for this. Another great info for someone like me.

  3. How can I be so late about this? I only found out about blocking low-performing ads just now! Thanks for this article though. At least now, I can optimize my earning potentials.

  4. I think we should not block low performing ads as we don’t have idea of which are low performing. I have experimented on this option in the past but blocking advertisers means drop in CPC as you will not find many advertisers to bid on your ads.
    You can’t expect all your adsense ads to be highly targeted. If you are opened to everything, you are inviting advertisers to bid more on your website.

    • It depends on how many ads you are getting and some are unrelated to your domain which will not perform well or distract your readers. Its good to keep an eye and take action accordingly…

  5. It is very helpful to know strategies in maximizing profit. Blocking low performing adsense ads provide efficiency. You would want your user to click the highest paid ad whenever he goes to your website, of course.

  6. The unrelated ads in a way degrade the very purpose of the website. The true essence of the site is left in vain because of such ads. Thanks for providing this step-by-step guide to abstain from such ads.

  7. Thanks for sharing this guide, Sanjeev! I have a number of non-performing, unrelated and offensive ads that I seriously need to take care of and this has been most useful. Bookmarked. Thanks again!

  8. Hey Sanjeev! Frankly, I never really explored this section–I’ve been wanting to get rid of my non-performing ads and those that are completely out of line in terms of content. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Nice! This is really useful for my site-now i really wish someone would come up with a way to block those offensive Facebook ads! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great post! Ads are a crucial factor in any online business, so you need to make sure they’re doing well, else they’re just useless. Thanks for the advice!

  11. Great post just what I was looking for. Some of the ads I get on my site are never going to get any revenue. I can’t do this now but have saved this page so I can do it when I get home.

    Great great heads up lee

  12. Good one , This would help us to maintain an efficient Blog , certain ads are really irritating where it suddenly redirects to some rotten sites , it is really sicking to have those ads , now i got an option to block all those ads , Thanks a lot for sharing these useful information with us

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