Video Mashup : How to Make Money with Adsense


Adsense is one of the most sought ad networks and one of main income generation stream for many blogs. Many people make money with Adsense and many would say that you will earn only pennies.

So which one is correct?

In this Video Mashup, Lets try to get some hands on Adsense working and how we can make money with Adsense.

Lets start with learning how to create an account and start showing ads on your blog.

[youtube src=”C5xIum4q8ME”]

Now many people would have a question if Google gives preference to blogs running adsense after all its their own product and they can make money by sending traffic to those blogs.

Does sites running Adsense rank higher in Google SERP’s? Let’s hear it from Matt Cutts:

[youtube src=”V62Zrb5gFUU”]

If you are using Blogger and facing issue with adding ads in the new interface, here is a nice tutorial from Ms. Illeane on how to add Adsense ads to Blogger.

[youtube src=”dkYRcby7Y3o”]

If you are running the Adsense ads and generating low income or you have just started it, here are some of the good tips to make money with Adsense.

[youtube src=”d02fnM4JJaA”]

Once you have the account setup and ads running on your site, it is very important to see what ads are displayed on your blog. There can be some low CPC ads which will not generate much revenue for you or some ads which you do not want to run on your site.

You can use Adsense Ad blocking feature and block the ads which you do not want to be shown on your blogs. Check the video below which is a hangout recording where Google Engineer have discussed this feature in detail.

[youtube src=”wUhNljBnS9U”]

Now once you have started earning money, you need to keep a watch on your account. There can be instances where you can get banned because of some fraudulent activity done by your somebody.

Anybody can go on and generate some fraud click and your account can get punished for that. If you don’t want that to happen, here are few of the tips.

[youtube src=”7fl-BwGS4ps”]

I think these video’s covers some important aspect of Adsense and can give you a start to make money with Adsense.

How do you like this video mashup? Do you think there is still something missing which can be covered.


  1. Great videos, Sanjeev. These videos show the proper methods to make good money from AdSense. I have a few websites which self-run and the good thing is that they are making me good earnings through AdSense!

  2. Hi,
    this is post is really great. lots of bloggers don’t know the proper technique. These videos will certainly give proper direction to improve earning by Adsense.
    Thanks for the posting sanjeev.

  3. Hi Sanjeev i am a newbie and want to earn some money from Google through Adsense but i started my blog recently and still waiting for the six months period then i will apply for Adsense can you take a look at my site and if you can tell me if something is missing from my site before applying for Adsense this will be helpful anyway thanks for this great post and videos keep up the good work…

  4. Hi those videos have been of great help I have just put Adsense on my first site and wasn’t quite sure what I was up to and the best way to turn to achieve the best results so a great help

    Thanks lee

  5. Hi Sanjeev,

    Adsense gets higher priority for all bloggers to earn. But lots of bloggers don’t know the proper technique. These videos will certainly give proper direction to improve earning by Adsense. I am also great fan of Ileane. I know about your site through her group.

    Happy blogging 🙂

    • Hi Ahsan, Ya many people just add the ads on their site and think the work is done. It is more than that…A proper strategy can help a lot in increasing the revenue.

  6. Hey Sanjeev, I’ve been visiting your blog and reading your posts from last month, but this is my first comment on your blog. We’ve also been connected on BlogEngage and BlogKube etc.

    I’ve been asked “How to make money with adsense” or “how to increase my earning from Adsense” like questions a lot of time from newbies who want to be guided about it. You did a great job by making it clear and by sharing Ileane’s video here. Shared this post everywhere 😉

    • Hi Ehsan, Welcome to Makewebworld. We are connected on other platform and its great to see you here. I also receive query’s regarding adsense, that’s he reason I did this post. Glad you like it and thanks for sharing..

  7. First, thanks to Ileane for sharing this on facebook 😉
    I got my first Western Union payment from Google adsense and it was with such great excitement.

    These videos are so educating bro and I’m learning a lot from them. I’m sure to tweak my ads and generate more earnings after here

    • Click fraud is really irritating and can create issues with account. hope you will get it in control, try the tips mentioned in the last video to fight the click fraud.

  8. Hi Sanjeev, thanks for including my YouTube video in your AdSense post. I get a lot of questions from people who need guidance for getting AdSense approved on their accounts. And this post will be nice to guide them after their approval has been granted.
    I already watched Lisa’s YouTube videos, she is the person who got me interested in doing them myself. I really need to watch the HOA about blocking ads. I’m sure I will learn a lot from that one.

    • Thanks Ileane for sharing the post, it is indeed a great tutorial. You should check the HOA, I was shocked to see how many irrelevant ads were showing on my site and we can increase the earning by blocking it.

  9. These videos are terrific and I had never heard the sweet voice of Ms. Illeane before. Now I see why I like her. My biggest obstacle is a lack of a real niche. I get excited when I get a click a week! Much appreciated.

    • I know many people looks for each and every click in their account, try some of the tips mentioned above and check how you can block ads and make sure you block low performing ads on your site.
      You should also check Ileane’s YouTube channel, you will find many great tips there..

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