How to Create a Professional Facebook Page in 5 min

Elements Plus

Social aspect of a blog is most important for gaining the authority in the market these days, so does a professional Facebook page. A professional Facebook page can get more visitor and likes from the social networks.

If you have a professional Facebook page, visitor might be more tempted to like that page. Just to give you an idea here are two questions, read and think the answers.

How many times you have liked a page without seeing number of likes that page have?

How many times you have checked number of likes on a professional looking page on Facebook?

I guess now you might be clear why a professional Facebook page is required.

Till now to create a professional Facebook page you need to dig into FBML or hire a developer (though there are some other services, but I didn’t like any). Now let’s see how we can create that in 5 min without any trouble what so ever.

Element Plus is an app for Facebook page building from X-Tab, which can give you a platform to create professional Facebook page without even knowing any FBML, CSS or hiring a developer (and to boost the offer it is in pre-launch now and you can get the app for lifetime in just $27)

Elements Plus - Facebook Page Creater

Once you have the app then it will be available right into your Facebook profile and you can update any page linked to that profile, it allows you to preview the changes as you go.

Below are few available features for this application:

  • Every function of Facebook such as Like, Invite, Share and Comments can be retooled and reshaped according to your whims and exact standards.
  • Already prepared several custom templates to get you started.
  • Elements, stacks and columns are all neatly arranged in the app and allow for massive customization with inclusion of images, text, videos and buttons!
  • Custom CSS and HTML functionality, Customize padding, background color, text color, font, alignment and more with just the clicks, no coding required.
  • Include ANY kind of video in your Page ANYWHERE and many video hosting site supported.
  • Include the necessary functions such as affiliate tracking URLS and top links, with this app.

These are not all but some of the important functions. Now let see how it works.

How will you build Professional Facebook Page

The concept is very simple, You will have an app to build your pages. You have to order the app and you have an option to brand your application also (this is really good if you are looking for create pages for your clients or going to resale the application access to multi users for building the page).

To order an application you need below things:

  • Application Name
  • Namespace (URL of Application)
  • Logo (favicon and small logo) (only required in-case of Branding)
  • Header Image (only required in-case of Branding)
Element Plus

Once you complete the details and submit the ticket, your app will be in building phase (where I am now). Once your app is build you will get a link and you can use it through Facebook. You don’t have to worry about hosting your application, updating it to Facebook policies and any other thing, it all will be taken care for you.

This also allows to create two pages one for people who has liked your page and other for the people who has not liked it till now, so you can add a call to action for your like button for the people who has not liked your page till now.

And the guys behind this app are the guys who have built many successful applications like Seopressor.

Watch this space for my video of Facebook page creation, meanwhile if you would like to check full details and Video’s than check here.


  1. Facebook page is important part of Social media marketing and it is very useful to make professional Facebook fan page with attractive information. Xtab application provides many advance options to customize page and add many features without using any programming language.

  2. I haven’t tried personalizing any facebook page. This tutorial will be very helpful for everybody who wants to learn that. Absolutely great application!

  3. Finally!

    I have been looking for an easy app that can do this. I hate writing code and just want something super easy to make my page creation happen way faster.

    Thanks for this post!

    • This tool is easy one though right now it limits you one tab per page, but the ability to create different tabs for people who has liked and not liked the page is great.

    • Facebook is becoming one of the main place to promote your business and custom pages can give an option to expand business right on to facebook, including getting subscribers on the facebook itself.

      Thanks for reading the article.

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