Feedly Has Launched Their Google Reader Replacement

Feedly Cloud

When Google said that they are going to retire the Google Reader, everybody was wondering how they will manage their RSS feed.

Feedly step up to the plate and disclosed their plans to replace Google Reader. Now we are very close to Google Reader Demise and was still waiting for a proper replacement.

Today Feedly has launched their Google Reader replacement and also told the apps which will be using its cloud services.

To use Feedly cloud you can go to their site – Feedly.com and import your google reader account in Feedly cloud. The same can be done on the mobile app, if you are using it.

It is a one click migration and you will be set to use their services. They have kept the authentication process same, you still need to login to your google account but you will be served data from their cloud.

Feedly Cloud

In the last three months Feedly has grown a lot, they are claiming to have accruing 8 million users in that period. This is almost 200% growth and currently they have 12 million users using their app.

They have also announced first set of apps which will be using their cloud service api to provide RSS feed in a formatted way. below is the list of apps which will be integrated with their services:

-gReader for Android
-Press for Android
-Newsify for iPhone/iPad
-Pure News Widget for Android
-Sprout Social for iOS/Android
-Nextgen Reader for Win 8 and Win Phone
-gNewsReader for BlackBerry 10/Symbian/MeeGo
-Menere for Windows

I am using Press for Android and its a welcome news that I will be able to migrate on to Feedly without any interruption in service.

They are also offering the api for their cloud service which can be used by developers to develop more apps. So we will be seeing more apps using Feedly Cloud in near future.

Recently Digg has also announced their Google Reader replacement. With all these services, which one you are going to use…


  1. Feedly is an absolute new way of browsing content of your favorite sites, youtube channels and a lot more. This is basically a RSS news reader. Launching of Google reader replacement is great.

    • I am also in the same boat, needs news from everywhere…currently waiting for digg’s rss reader beta and will post the feedback once it is live…..

        • I am still waiting for the beta invite, unfortunately I will get my iPhone next week and currently only has android devices…
          Android app is still under construction…so looks like I need to wait till next week…

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