The Top Twitter Imperatives for Bloggers

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Twitter is among the largest social networking platform having millions of people active over it. In fact, it is called as the best place for bloggers, which can help your blog to grow and reach out to more number of new readers.

However, you have couple of constraints, which you need to overcome to start using it effectively. The first one is the word limitation of 140, which proves as a challenge to most of the users and secondly, you do not have a tailor made handbook to share most of the secrets about Twitter.

The moment you overcome these constraints, you need to follow a couple of important mandatory rules to play safe on Twitter to get the best of the outcome. Let’s explore some of the top Twitter imperatives for bloggers.

Reciprocity is the key

When you as a blogger start using Twitter, make sure you follow and get followed by others, in the same way retweets and get retweeted. You are supposed to give if you feel like getting the best, the more you give the more you get.

Reciprocity is the key thing, which remains the vital reason to have a good amount of followers. The moment you achieve a high level of followers, make sure it shouldn’t get on your head; instead you should respond to all your followers as and when required. This is the secret of creating a robust network and build up a big brand for your blog.

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Make a schedule for your golden Tweets

You will see the traffic over Twitter simply varying each day and even the entire week. The busiest time over Twitter is somewhere between 3 to 5 pm, which is generally the work end time slot.

The weekdays are often very busy as compared to the weekends with Thursdays and Fridays as the busiest days in the week. Hence you schedule your golden Tweets, consider doing it as per the traffic.

Content quality matters

The content you post over Twitter would speak about your blog. Hence if your Tweets or content shared over Twitter fail to follow the benchmark of quality; it will end up giving a bad reputation to your blog.

Hence while composing the Tweets, check the grammar and spelling, as its vital for your reputation building among your followers. Do not use abbreviations or jargons, which are difficult to understand.

List people liberally

Nowadays, people are seen paying more attention to people, who list them rather than putting them in the followers list. Some are seen following recklessly with the automated tools, which are certainly not recommended as it devalues your followers to a great extent.

The best way to get the attention of people is to interact with them and list them using some of the best ways. This also implies for the bloggers.

Hence create lists of diverse interests for instance; you could create Twitter Tools list, entrepreneurs list and runners list. When you start tweeting about your lists, you will end up getting more people following you. So more the number of followers the better it turns out for your blog visibility.

No puns and jokes allowed

You will see people laughing at various Tweets, which have some silly and weird errors. However, if you are among a serious blogger, you will not entertain any kind of jokes or pranks coming your way on Twitter.

Unnecessary coming up with such weird jokes could only end up making you a controversial figure thus hampering your online image of your blog.

Final word

Blogging is a serious business. When it comes to promote your blog using Twitter, you need to follow a couple of mandatory rules or imperatives as discussed below.

Once you follow these imperatives, you simply end up yielding the best outcome.

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  1. Yes, I do agree with you that Twitter is the one of the largest social networking platform. Also, the quality of content is much more important than the quantity. Nice and informative article.

  2. I like the tips about twitter. No jokes and quick response are two keys. I’m slowly buildings twitter following. I learned about your site at blogengage. I like your layout.

  3. When you use Twitter as one of your social media tools, you have to invest a lot of effort and dedication to it. And of course, you have to be driven by your purpose to market your content through the social networking site as well. Happy tweeting!

  4. Hi
    This was very informative i was looking for a post about twitter as I was just about to try and set one up to do with my social media marketing and connect it in with my site. I will admit I have never even been on twitter yet. So I am sure it will take a bit of getting used to. As everything does when it is new.

    But for another great heads up thanks lee

  5. Twitter is a very famous site with millions of users from all around the world. To use this as a blogger is a really nice strategy when combined or taking note of your twitter imperatives. The content of your posts will help you gain followers and readers, so it is very true that content quality in twitter matters. You have mentioned about Friday as the busiest twitter day and I suddenly remembered about the famous follow Friday that most users are doing.

  6. Twitter is indeed a very useful site for blogging; its usefulness will depend on how you make use of it. Love the Reciprocity rule. Follow real people, tweet or reply to their tweets, and get followed by them. It’s a great way to gain more readers, keep in touch with them and interact. Thanks for sharing great tips.

  7. Any social media would require the tips you have shared. I am not a regular Twitter user but the points you highlighted are best strategies. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Yes reciprocity is indeed a very important rule. There should always be two way interaction to make your readers feel their importance. As said earlier the more you give the more you get. Thanks for your valuable comments Aayna and Tushar

  9. Great pointers!!! A quality content is what blogging is all about, but many bloggers skip this part and post vague things as blogs. Reciprocating is indeed a great way to stay in touch with the readers. Thanks for sharing these fundamental rules.

  10. I like reciprocity rule. You will follow a person and he starts following you. That’s a one to one formula. Schedule your tweets to be regular with Twitter.

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