5 Mobile Apps To Help You Find Content Creation Opportunities

google current
google current

Smartphone has become so integral part of the life these days that our entertainment, social life and most of the online activities drives from them. We, as a blogger can do much more with those powerful devices.

How about using them to generate the ideas for content creation. Everybody have their smartphone with them 24×7 and we can do these task any time, any place.

Here are few apps which can help you in generating the content creation ideas:

1. News360

News360 is an app which gives you latest news on your smartphone. You can decide the topics and it will show you the latest news on your topics of interest.

It’s always better to be aware about the latest in niche and able to create content around them to generate traffic. you can use this app to be aware about those.

This is one of the apps which is available on most of the platform, so it doesn’t matter if you are using iOS or Android. You can download the app from the below location:

iPhone App: News360: Your Personalized News Reader
Android App: News360: Your Personalized News Reader

Download the app and give it a try for content creation..

2. Pulse News

This is another news app which brings all the latest news together at one place. It brings some of the best news source at one place and provide them in a categorized way.

You have an option to select the category and read the news accordingly. App also has tablet optimized interface if you prefer reading your news on tablets.

iPhone App: Pulse: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Reader
Android App: Pulse: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Reader

Download the app and give it a try..

3. Google Currents for Content Creation

This is one of the latest addition of Google apps, it can convert any blog or feed to a magazine layout. Good thing is that you can do a feed search right through the app, it allows to search through the feedburner feeds.

This will also give you an option to subscribe to feeds and read them in magazine layout.

google current for Content Creation
google current

Publishers can create the editions and readers can subscribe them from the app. The editions are customized layout which can even include content from youtube channel. So as a publisher this is my preferred app and a good replacement for Google Reader.

iPhone App: Google Currents – Google, Inc.
Android App: Google Currents – Google, Inc.

4. Press

This is another app which presents the news or feeds in a more managable way. It syncs with your google reader and shows the feeds in a readable format.

This app also has a tablet optimized layout, which can be an additional plus for this. The only drawback with this app at this point of time is that Google Reader is going away but they have already committed for the future and working on a solution for the feeds.

The only negative point for this is that they only have Android version of the app at this point of time.

Android App: Press (Google Reader) App

5. Flipboard

Flipboard is an app which can curate content not only from Google Reader but also from most of the social networks.

The benefit of this app is that not only it provides content creation opportunities but also make your social engagement easy. You can read your social feed, engage with them and also share the information right from the app.

This is one of the must have app which can save you from using multiple apps for social content management.

iPhone App: Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine
Android App: Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine

So what other apps are you using for content creation ideas on your smartphone, share with us through the comment section.


  1. Hi Sanjeev,

    You have done a great job. I have used Flipboard at my work and it is one of the best app for finding content creation. I have also found some good content creation apps from your informative post. Really appreciate your writing.

  2. I love News360! So like to use it. And I am so thankful that you included it here for us to have better understanding about it. Thanks!

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