Google Currents – Convert your Blog to a Magazine for Smartphones

Google Currents

Google Currents is a new publication system for Android and iOS platform. Which means it gives visibility to millions of new people who are using these platform.

Old fashioned RSS feeds are going out and the new look and feel with the emphasis on readability and user interface is the way to go forward.

There are already some RSS feed reader which do change the feel and look of feeds but Google Currents is something different. First blog owner need to publish their blogs with Google Currents, than it will be available to the audience for adding to their Current application on Android Phone and Tablets, iOS phone and iPad.

Every blog owner does lot of thing to promote their blog. This is another method to increase the reach and audience for the blog.

Makewebworld is now available on Google currents, take a look at the screenshot below.

Google Currents

How you can add your blog to Google Currents

If you don’t want to read than just check the video below.

[youtube src=”ehVM9ggVlmk”]

Adding a blog to Google Currents is very easy, you just need to know the feed address and youtube channel name.

1. Go to

2. You will get an welcome screen, read the terms and authorize it with your google id.

3. Give a name for your publication, your feed address, youtube channel name (optional) and you are ready to publish your blog.

I always like when a one time effort returns a long term benefit, Google Currents is one of those application. Once you have published your blog, it will refresh the feeds each hour to get the new contents and will serve them to readers.

This application is very flexible in terms of design. Blog owner has a full control over the design of their blog, it provides an initial template which can be used but if you want to change things you can use custom templates.

The application has been designed keeping a full magazine in mind. So your readers will get a feeling of reading a magazine with different sections. You can change the order of the section in your publication or add another section with images or articles.

Google Currents Section
Sections in Google Currents

You can publish articles specific to Google Current readers which is a good way to boost the traffic. It can also sync with Flickr or Picasa web galleries and Social Media Networks (You can link your Google Plus Page here).

The application is already connected to Google Analytics, you just need to enter the Analytics id for the blog and you will be able to see the usage in there. It is also an easy way to verify your publication.

You can reorder the sections to set the layout for your blog. Once you are done with all the changes, you need to distribute you publication. This has to be done only once after that it will keep fetching feeds.

Go ahead and spend 5 min on Google Currents to convert your blog into a readable Magazine.

MakeWebWorld is available on Google Currents, you can search for “Make Web World” in it to add it in your feeds or if you are viewing this on smartphone then click here.


  1. Google currents is great service provided by Google for smart phone users. Many internet users surf blogs and websites on their phones, so it is good to convert blog into magazine for android, iOS and smart phone users. This is really important information for any person who wants to easily work on Smart phone at any time.

    • I also use Google Currents, its an easy way to read the RSS feeds..its a small work addition to webmasters but a good one time effort..

    • There are many option available with respect to the readers and that is one of the issues for webmasters. We need to setup the blog at all places as we don’t know who will use that application. Users can still add the blog in Google currents and once you spend these 5 min to set it up they will see it correctly.

  2. If I’m not wrong then this is available in US only, right? I hope it comes to Windows Phone platform as well.

  3. Now that many people are using their smartphones for internet browsing, this Google currents will definitely be a choice for one’s blog. A magazine looking blog would be much better compared to ordinary style. It’s nice that you’ve shared the step by step procedure for adding a blog to Google Currents.

    • Thanks Stan, Its always better to be prepared. Any reader can take a feed and add it to Google currents, and they will get the basic design….but if we have setup correctly than they will get a full optimized blog.

  4. Looks interesting. It is for android and IOs right? What version of android is it applicable? I have a smart phone and my android’s verion is Gingerbread. Will it run? Also, this is free right?

    • It will work on Gingerbread and only available in US currently. They will release it to other countries later on. (you need market enabler and root access to download it from outside.)

      Yes, It is a free application, you just need to setup once to reach to new readers and it will does the rest.

  5. Wow this is really very interesting. and it would save web developers a lot of time too. With the increasing user figures for these devices, it has become an essential thing for blogger/internet market to optimize the look and feel of their website according to these devices. And Google Current seems to be a great rescuer for small business owners. and the Google Current snapshot of Makewebworld that you have posted here in post looks really very good. B/W i wish you both (you and David) get the tablet from Santa as a Christmas Gift. Merry Christmas. 🙂

    • Yes, It will be really helpful for small business. Also it is another way to distribute the feeds along with that it will be available to all current users. Application also have search functionality so user can search inside the current application can find the related articles.

  6. I am not sure how to use this since I am not very tech savvy, but it looks like a great idea. I would never have thought about the idea of making a magazine out of our blog posts.

    • You don’t need technical knowledge to do this, you just need your feed address and if you have YouTube channel than channel name. Rest all will be done by system for you and your blog will be in front of new audience.

  7. Great idea. Anything that makes it easier for mobile devices. They are so small and hard to read even with the best layout. Just for fun I followed the “click here” link, but I guess I would need to be on a mobile. Hopefully, Santa will bring me a tablet, so I can check it out directly.

    • Yes, it will work only on mobile/tablet and with Google Current application. I really like this as this is just one time effort and a blog can have additional visibility. I am also waiting for Santa, hope I will also get a tablet this time.

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