Using Coupon Marketing to Increase SEO and Traffic


Coupon Marketing

With internet marketing there are plenty of ways to increase traffic. It seems every week there is a new trend that helps increase SEO marketing and website popularity.

Now bloggers and site owners are turning to coupon marketing as a way to bring traffic to their sites and increase page rank. Though coupon marketing is not brand new, it has been overlooked as a marketing strategy until recently. Now that the value of this strategy is known, more and more sites are utilizing it.

How Coupon Marketing Works:

For sites that sell a product or service, coupon marketing can be simple. Just by offering a coupon or discount code for their products, they can increase traffic, backlinks, and page rank.

There are many coupon distribution sites that accept and distribute coupons to their subscribers. These sites are instantly indexed by Google when new coupons are added. This quickly places the new coupons in the top search results.

For those who are simply monetizing their blogs, it takes a bit of creativity to use coupon marketing. The same sites used by retailers can also be used by bloggers with affiliate discounts. As an affiliate, you have rights to market your affiliations, so long as it stays within their guidelines.

Coupon sites such as and allow coupons to be uploaded for their distribution. This in turn offers greater visibility as well as quality backlinks.

Since the idea is to bring them to your page, rather than directly to your affiliate portal, you will want to be sure a link to your page is the active link when they click the coupon. Once they are on your page, they will be able to see any affiliate banners you have and click from there. This brings more traffic to your site and more sales through your affiliated products or PPC.

Using Coupon Marketing on Facebook:

One of the best tools we have in marketing today is Facebook. With coupon marketing you can create a new strategy to get your site to many people easily. Creating fan-based coupons on Facebook will require members to “Like” your page before they can take advantage of the discounts. This will show to their friends and bring more traffic. You can create a facebook page for coupons.

Visitors from Google Alerts:

For those who have never used this service, Google Alerts is a tool that alerts those who have set queries whenever a change is made. For instance those who decide to query “coupons” will receive email notification when new coupons are indexed through Google.

By placing your coupons with any of the distribution services on the net, you’re more likely to get visitors from Google Alerts. This is an effortless bonus to adding your affiliated discounts to these services. Since you don’t have to setup anything extra, you can sit back and enjoy the extra traffic.

Whether you’re blogging about life, love, or the hottest technology, utilizing coupon marketing can prove useful. Create a section in your SEO plans for this type of marketing and see if you can increase your traffic. Coupons are now and will be a popular method of shopping for those looking to save money. Take advantage of that and enjoy your new followers.


  1. coupon site is a great business, just one problem they have a thin content and a lot of them are hit severely with penguin 2.0

  2. You have covered an incredibly amazing point here! The world looks for coupons and if marketers, we promote them, we can pocket at least a thousand dollars every month, without much efforts! BTW, this coupon market is worth a billion dollars, I read somewhere! Gosh, so much money! 😉

  3. SEO is still the best way that can help you increase and drive traffic directly towards your website and there are now several marketers and bloggers that use the advantage of SEO.

  4. That’s really great. I was quite unknown about coupon method. I have come to know about this by this blog. I thinks it will help me to increase my site traffic.

  5. Coupons are good way to reduce expenses. Having coupons would also help with the promotion of the online business thus gaining some exposure and of course online visits.

  6. More and more people find coupon very useful for them to trim down their expenses. In almost all products or services, there are so many coupons available anywhere. That’s precisely the purpose of other people why they are into coupons so its really a great idea to make use of coupon marketing.

  7. I haven’t really heard about coupon marketing. It is great that I’ve read this post, thus I now have an idea about coupon marketing. I just don’t have an idea on coupon distribution sites? Can you give me a list? also, can ebooks, podcasts and others be included on the coupon? Thanks.

    • Hi Juphet, there are many coupon distribution sites, I primarily use But it can be used with any type of products eBooks, podcast etc, aim is that you should be able to provide some savings to your readers.

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