Google’s Slap for Over SEO Optimization


There have been little updates over last week on Makewebworld and what a week it was. It was a great weekend both in terms of personal life and on professional world.

I decided to take some time off from blogging, I wanted to spend that with my daughter who is enjoying her holidays.

Enjoying in Jungle
Enjoying in Jungle

Where I enjoyed with my family, Google has decided to change many things in the SEO world.

They have decided to remove some private blog networks, a move which I really appreciate.

Private blog networks were manipulating search results and people were having power to generate backlinks by paying some amount. I know if you were using them, you might have different view.

It was a good move and will defiantly going to benefit small business owners, as it will ease the competition for them.

I wouldn’t put much hope on them right away, as it is not easy to recognize private blog networks. They have recognized few of them and de-indexed those blogs.

Though it’s a good start and can bring some long term change in the SEO practices. A takeaway, if you are using these private networks for your link building than stop wasting your money.

SEO Over optimization

Another big change which has been indicated by Google is penalty for SEO Over optimizations. Yup, SEO optimization is good but over optimization is bad. I think they have started to considering it in a methods of manipulating SERP’s.

You need to looks for your on page optimization strategy and that’s where a good flexible on page SEO optimization tool can be a big help. I use Easy WP SEO for my on page SEO work and it has great options to change it according to the requirement.

How to change Easy WP SEO for SEO factors

You can change Easy WP SEO to stop considering on page SEO factors which are not relevant now. You can change it at miscellaneous settings in Easy WP SEO settings.

You many want to ignore keyword stuffing and may want to set that limit lower than before. Also some factors like meta keywords, Title with the keyword at start should be avoided.

This change will not take away the on page SEO factors, but you may want to be careful of over doing it.

So have you changed anything till now in your SEO strategy?


  1. Your daughter looks cute, under the… coconut tree.

    Anyway, I think the move by Google in releasing the Penguin update is really timely. It is time they do something about these who use black hat SEO.

    • Thanks Jasmine! Yes, It’s a coconut tree…
      I agree, Its time to take some action and that’s what Google is trying to do. Hope this will get some positive results…

  2. Great points. Google wants to provide the best possible results/experience to its users. So, focus on the people- actual target audience members instead of focusing so much on the search engines. If people like it, Google will too.

    • Yes, Its been hard to separate good content for people to contents which are written for bots…Google is trying hard to achieve that…

  3. Your daughter looks very cute. Google Search engine follows algorithm and it always tries to make algorithm as effective as possible. Google have taken this step to avoid spamming and as I think it is not bad for quality SEO business.

    • Thanks Brain, I agree it is good for quality SEO business. Google is trying to get rid of black hat SEO techniques and it’s a good news for the small business owners.

  4. Man SEO is constantly changing. How can you possibly stay in the best ranking with things always changing so much. I am not a lover of SEO at all.

  5. I guess the move of Google can help everybody to compete fairly. As we all know, more and more people working online have been trying to simply invest lots of money in lieu of backlinks from other websites.

      • Yup! I agree with you that this will take some time. But at least Google will start doing something now for the benefit of most people.

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