Easy WP SEO – The Best and Affordable Plugin for On Page SEO

Easy WP SEO Readability Analysis
Easy WP SEO Readability Analysis

On Page optimization is really important for the SEO, it is an indication for the search engine about your keywords. There are many types of plugins which are available to help you in your on page optimization.

Easy WP SEO plugin is the best from the lot which can make the work really easy for you. This plugin covers all aspect of on-page optimization and gives you a complete package.

I have already tried some other On-Page optimization plugins and I didn’t able to run any of them for more than 60 days, this is the plugin which has crossed that boundary and stayed with me on some of my sites.

Easy WP SEO Features

Decoration Type – Admin/Client side

The tool allows you to choose if you want it to work on admin side or client side. Most of the other tool work on client side and when you uninstall them all the changes which they have done are gone.

Easy WP SEO Plugin
Easy WP SEO Plugin

Client side option also slows the site as with each page load it has to run the modifications. Good thing with Easy WP SEO is that you can set it to run admin side and as soon as you save your draft, it will add the modifications which will be there.

This will not reduce the site speed and if later on you decide to remove it, your all modifications will be there. Your pages will not be impacted by any changes. Google has already started using site speed in their algorithm so any gain in speed is beneficial.

I have bought SEOPressor two times and both the times I was not able to run it more than 30 days, I have uninstalled and returned the plugin. It always created a work for me as all of my modifications are gone with it and I needed to do it again. This plugins saves you from that headache though I bet you are not going to uninstall this one.

Keyword Density Formula in Easy WP SEO

What Keyword Density formula your plugin uses? Is it doing the work correctly for you?

Most of the on page optimization software use below formula to calculate the keyword density:

[box type=”gray”]Keyword Density = (Total Keywords / Total Words) * 100[/box]

Some might say that is is not correct in case your keyword is a long tail, if your keyword contains 3 words than this formula might give wrong results. A better option is to use the below formula for keyword density:

[box type=”gray”]Keyword Density = (Total Keywords / (Total Words / Total Words In Keyword Phrase)) * 100[/box]

Now lets understand both the formula with an example, suppose if your keyword has 3 words in it then a keyword density for a 10 word post will be:

With the 1st formula (1/10) * 100 = 10%.

So is it correct, your keyword has come only once but it has also taken 3 words from the 10 word article.

Now check the keyword density from the other formula (1/(10/3)) * 100 = 30%. Which means it is taking 30% of your text space.

To reach the 2% keyword density for a 5 word long keyword in 10 word sentence you need to enter it twice, does it sound correct? You need to look for the length of the keyword and decide. There can be some other variation for the formula but I would like the second one as it is more conservative.

Easy WP SEO gives an option to choose between the two formulas. You can decide which one you want to use for your keyword density calculation.

Multiple Keyword Support

Most of the other SEO tools ends with the above two things, Client side decoration and Keyword density. Easy WP SEO goes beyond that and it will add lot of additional functionality.

It allows you to optimize your page for multiple keywords, you can define your secondary keywords and optimize your post for that. You have already done the hard work or writing content, why not get the most out of it.

You can add as many keyword you want and optimize the post for it.

Related Post for Internal Linking

This plugin also provide the support for related posts, it will give you posts related to your keyword from your blog. When you start growing it is hard to remember the old posts and do the interlinking correctly.

This plugin gives you an automated search option to see what old posts relate to your keyword and can be added to current posts.

LSI Keyword and Readability Analysis

The plugin also gives you6 scientific readability analysis score for your posts. You get all the kind of readability scores to check and arrange your post accordingly.

Easy WP SEO Readability Analysis
Easy WP SEO Readability Analysis

This plugin also supports the LSI keywords, you can search for them from the plugin screen. It also allow you to add them with just drag and drop in your post.

This can increase the relevancy of your post to the related keywords, which can help you increase your rankings in SERP’s.

Copyscape Search

Easy WP SEO can also look for duplicate contents with the help of Copyscape api. You just need to add the api key in the settings and you can check for duplicate contents from the edit screen.

Copyscape api is available for pro account only but it is really cheap and charge on per search basis. If you accept guest posts than it’s a good way to stay away for low quality content.


Yes, price is also a feature for this plugin as this is available for very low price right now. The plugin is release at WSO right now and available at $37 for multi site license and if you need developer license then it’s another $37.

This comes with a unique guarantee, a 60 day – no question asked money back guarantee and you can keep your single site license copy. This is an extreme confidence showed by the developer, and it is because of very low refund rate.

Extra Features

The plugin does contain some extra feature also like image addition, ALT tag addition to the images. This plugin can show you your last 10 images from the plugin box and you can just drag and drop images from that. Images will be added with your keyword.

Plugin is flexible enough, as most of the things you can change in the settings like number of related post, number of images, settings which you do not want for your on page optimization.

It does scan your entire page not only the post content, to calculate the score. Most of the on page optimization plugins only look for post content not the entire page.

Import Keywords

One of the pain in changing you SEO plugin is that you loose your keyword settings and all the decorations. This plugin can save that effort for you, you can import your keyword settings from SEOPressor and Clickbump SEO.

This makes it easy for you to change you plugin even if you have lot of posts.

So do you think there is any other plugin which does the same amount of work in this price? If not, then why not give Easy WP SEO a try.


  1. Hello, I interested with this plugin but i’m afraid with plugin compatible. Is it this plugin compatible with all theme. My blog use free theme, is it compatible?

    Second question, can i know what plugin you use at sidebar for popular, comment and tag tab? I like that interface.

    • Yes, the plugin is compatible with all the themes..It is more of a admin side plugin so does not interfere with the theme.

      For the sidebar I am using the tab plugin from ThesisAwesome. It works with the thesis and thesisawesome skins.

  2. Recently , I have bought the this plugin but I am till in confuse mode that , my previous ” All in one SEO by Yoast ” will work with it or have to remove that one to install it ? what will happen with the works which i have done on previous one ? as my previous one is working fine .
    Kindly reply me

    • It will work with All in One SEO by Yoast, It is more of a plugin to check on page seo score and All in One SEO has other features also. For the old one’s you can update the keywords from the admin screen so you will be able to do it in a one shot…

  3. SEO in word press sites are very easy since lots of plugins are available which makes it makes lot easier. But off page SEO needs to be done my ownself.

    • Yes Rob, Off-page SEO is needed to be done by ownself…Easy WP SEO is a good plugin which makes on Page SEO very easy and it covers all aspect of it..

  4. This plugin is looking very useful as described by you Sanjeev. This tool makes on page optimization too much easy and provide a well optimized webpage.

  5. m searching for some seo plugin is it worth to invest 37 dollar for this seo pluginn.please do reply admin and suggest whether to buy it or not.

    • It is absolutely worth the investment, Its one of the good plugin which has all range of option for On page SEO…and it is with money back guarantee…give it a try..

  6. WordPress is the best blogging platform cause of such great plugins offered by it . Easy WP SEO sounds great but currently i am using SEO yoast i will surely give it a try…

    • I have also shifted from WP SEO by Yoast, I liked that plugin but it was replicating lot of things for me with Thesis Theme. Try WP Easy SEO, it is also a great one with lot of added functionality.

    • I love this plugin for the ease of use and functionality. Most of the other plugin are not complete and you need mix of them to achieve the same thing.

  7. This sounds like a really good SEO plugin. I currently use WordPress SEO by Yoast, but this plugin has a few extra features like the readability score, copyscape, and related posts functionality.

    • Hi Richard, I was also using WordPress SEO by Yoast before moving on to Easy WP SEO. It does provide some extra functionality and most important is multiple keyword support, related post and LSI keyword and copyscape. All the other regular stuff is already there. A nice one…

  8. The biggest benefit with using WP is that it offers you a wide range of plugins. You can find scores of plugins for every specific or complex task that you want to do on your blog. Even when it comes to search engine optimization, the WP Plugin Directory has several excellent plugins to offer. You can use these plugins for free. Depending on your specific requirements, you may also need to get the premium version (paid) of a WP plugin to enjoy full features and additional benefits.

    Thanks for sharing this useful plguin with us.

    • WordPress is one of the best platform and one of the reason is availability of these plugins. We always have so many choices and need to choose which suits our site and requirements. This plugin is great in terms of features and price.

  9. Hi there Sanjeev, All I can say that word-press is the best and user friendly site. I really want to thank you for sharing this great tools and plug-ins that readers can use, to be honest this is new to me and I am new to word-press set-up. So I think I should check this out.

    • Oh yes, WordPress is a best platform to build sites on. With right tools and theme a site can really be user and seo friendly, which can make it grow.

      • So true Sanjeev, maybe that is why many internet marketers uses this word-press platform aside from user friendly there are enough plug-ins we can use. thank you so much Sanjeev for your reply.

  10. For a long time I have used WordPress SEO by Yoast and it sure does cover most of the things mentioned here. However it does not cover the various readability tests. But sometime focusing too much on getting SEO right is also a bad thing.

    • I also liked WordPress SEO by Yoast, It does cover some readability tests but does not cover some other features like giving related posts from your blog, LSI keyword to increase the relevancy, multiple keyword support, density formula selector etc…I have used it on this blog earlier but now I am sticking to Easy WP SEO….

  11. I have read different SEO Plug -in posts and have sorted out some differences. The objective is the same but it’s up to the user how he will use it effectively. Plug-ins plus Great Content is a sure top rank,

    • yes the objective is same but we need to choose the plugin which can help most in achieving that objective. I have tried almost all the plugins including Seopressor etc and this one stands tall in terms of features.

  12. This plugin don’t guarantee number 1 position in Google raking for chosen keyword. And that’s a good thing, because there’s no miracle happens when its about SEO.
    The plugin allows to focus on the on-page elements of SEO. I allows to think about what you’re writing and how you’re formatting things to better optimize page. Which is the key to better ranking. It’s makes me think a lot more about what I’m writing, and it’s makes me focus more on the on-page SEO elements that I can control. None of us know exactly how the search engines work, and we all know that keyword stuffing leads to articles that are poorly written and hard to read – they’re not going to rank well either. This plugin helps to think about what you’re doing and provides a checklist of things to consider. There is no need to do the things it suggests, but it is motivating to see your score improving as you’re writing.

    • Hi John, I agree there is no magic which can push us to number 1 ranking. This plugin is good is in giving control to us, we can decide what we want to do and how.

  13. This tool is completely new for me. But it really seems to be very useful and convenient! Thanks a lot for sharing this post, now I have strong desire to find out more about this tool

    • ohh it is really convenient, these are some of the extra feature, it does all other regular work. Check their WSO page to see all the features.

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