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GroupHigh Search Results - Advanced View
GroupHigh Search Results - Advanced View

How do you do PR Management for your blog? Do you outsource or take the pain by yourself?

GroupHigh is a place to help you manage your PR management and Blogger Outreach efforts. It is an easy solution to reach to new blogs and blogger and increase your reach in the web world.

Every webmaster and blog owner take the pain to reach other bloggers and create relationship in their niche, but before doing that they need to do a lot of analysis and find out blogs which can benefit them. GroupHigh does that analysis work and saves a lot of time for webmasters and PR Firms.

What GroupHigh can do for you?

Find Related Blogs

GroupHigh blog search is one of the advanced and focused search in the market. It can take any niche and give you active blogs in that niche.

Not only that, it also tells you the status of that blog in terms of links, social shares, SEO Rank and activities along with the social profiles and contact information for that blog. This makes it really easy to research and decide on which bloggers you want to pitch.

System allows you to create list and track your blogs according to that, which makes it easy to track blogs according to topics. You can add the blogs to your lists or search and save the results.

GroupHigh Search Results - Advanced View
GroupHigh Search Results – Advanced View

Add Connections in the Niche

GorupHigh makes it really easy to contact webmasters. It gives contact information in the search results, which can be used to contact webmasters.

You can also manage your connections based on the list, so create your lists and start adding blogs to that list. You can keep track of the contact actives with the status of that blog, you can mark them as contacted or partnered, if the connection is successful.

GroupHigh allows you to skip some blogs also, if you decide that you do not want to contact the blog you can mark it so it will not show it in the search results.

Good thing is that you can check the blog actives from the dashboard, so before contacting you know that it is an active blog.

SEO Opportunities for your Post

Have you ever written a post and then wasted lot of efforts to find backlinking opportunities for that post, so that it can rank in SERP’s?

GroupHigh can help in that also, you can search for your topic and it can list you all the blog and their blog post related to that keyword.

It even shows you the when the post has been publish, how many post that blog has matching to your keyword etc. Great thing is that this all information comes out on blog basis, so you still gets the blog overview and the details about the post on them.

It is an easy way to judge on which blogs you want to visit and drop a comment. GroupHigh does list the blogs according to latest activity, which can help you getting the link fast.

GroupHigh Video Review:

[youtube src=”qN3arJHe0Xk”]

GroupHigh is a paid tool and you need to check their site for the pricing, but it is one of the handy tool to do your PR research and Blogger Outreach.


  1. This grouphigh is new to me but I think that this grouphigh is very helpful to new bloggers to make relation with others as well as make popular your blogs.

    • Yes, it is very useful for new bloggers as it gives lot of opportunity to connect with other blogger, it is also good for other bloggers as it gives lot of opportunities to do off-page SEO and manage their PR in easy way..

  2. This new set up is pretty cool, I don’t know yet how could it helps to me and in every blogger in our daily blogging but for sure it will provides a kind of satisfaction to all of us…

    • It can be useful in daily life for the promotion of posts and making contacts, but it might be on a high price range for a single blogger. You can check the demo with them.

  3. Awesome share, this looks like a great site and I think you will be able to recoup the cost very quickly. I am always looking to network with bloggers and build links.

  4. Never heard of GroupHigh before but I’m glad to find this article. I’ve done some research on GroipHigh on Google & I’m shocked with the success rate it provide for your website. I’ll be experimenting it with my blog. Thanks for the share.

    • It can be good for SEO and SERP’s, backlinks from related pages has more importance and it is an easy way to create those links. Try it out and let us know how it goes.

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