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Today is another great day for Makewebworld. It is less then an year when I started this blog and it has remain an active blog from that time onwards.

Today I have launched WordPress Services, which include WordPress installation, setup and maintenance services. The services are designed in such a way that it will be affordable for all blogger’s, without compromising on quality.

WordPress Services
WordPress Services

The aim of setting up Makewebworld is to create a place where I can make it easy for new blogger’s, to create and start their blogs. This is another step towards that.

WordPress Services at Makewebworld is for every blogger, the plans are layout in such a way that you can choose from wide variety of price ranges according to the need.

WordPress Services

WordPress Installation Services:

WordPress installation services include design based on premium themes, basic and advanced SEO setup based on the plan, Plugin installation and setup, cache plugin setup, On-Page keyword Optimization etc.

All of the services are layout in different tier plan structure, starting from $39.95.

For the full details you can check the WordPress Installation Services at Makewebworld.

WordPress Maintenance Services:

Now you can spend your time on the important activities for your site, leaving us do all the maintenance work. With the WordPress maintenance services, we will support all the routine maintenance activities and all of your small design requirements.

With the maintenance services you can spend your regular time in most critical activities, we will do the complete technical work for you.

Leaving a blog with outdated software’s and spending time on correcting issues because of non compatibility of plugins are two major issues. We can help you in that by keeping your blog up to date while making sure that your blog is setup correctly.

The maintenance plans are starting from as low as $19.95. For full details and plan structure you can check WordPress Maintenance Services at Makewebworld.

There are some other WordPress Services which are in plan like, Blog Promotion Services which will include Guest Posting, commenting or doing social media promotion for your blog. All of these services will be white hat and will be carried by human only (I also hate bots as much as you do).

With the time I will be expanding these services and will try to cover all aspect of WordPress or Blogging world, but till that time use these WordPress Services to the best for your blog.


  1. I have a question related to WordPress Updates services. What if I purchase a wp theme and pay you for installation and maintenance services, will you carry the upgrades then? Or is this something a theme developers must do? Please advise.

    • Yes, If you don’t want the theme included with the services, you can purchase your own. We will still carry out the required modifications.

  2. Millions of sites around the world are powered by WordPress. I find this CMS extremely powerful. But maintaining a WordPress site is a lot more involved than maintaining a regular website. We need to have a really good system for upgrading our WordPress software, plugins, backing up our databases and keeping up our site secure and protected.

    • Yes, we should keep our sites up to date and it does require lot of efforts. That’s the whole idea about these services, so that people can concentrate more on important tasks and we can do this work for them.

  3. “It is less then an year when I started this blog and it has remain an active blog” – Congrats ma man! You doing well to keep it up!

    So this is your service that you are starting from your blog? When did you start?

    • Hi Samuel, Thanks man for the wishes. Yes, these are my services which I have just started on this blog. Hope people would love these.

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