10 Must Have Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Chrome Extensions for Bloggers
Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Chrome is one of the most used browser and extensions are one of the great ways to enhance the functionality of it. If you are using chrome for blogging purpose than you would want some good Chrome Extensions for Bloggers.

You can download the extensions from the web store. Though Google has recognized bloggers by making a category as Blogging but still not many useful extensions are available under that.

They are spread out in different category and it is hard to find them. So here is a list of 10 Chrome Extensions for Bloggers which can help them in their blogging routine.

Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

1. Awesome Screenshot

This is one of the great extension to capture screen or a section from the chrome browser. Sometime you are browsing and you want to capture a portion of screen which may be useful for the next post. This extension can do that for you.

Not only that, it also provides an option to edit the screenshot before saving. You can add markers, notes or can crop the image before saving it.

This extension also provides an integration with Google Drive, you can directly upload the image files in your Drive.

2. SEOquake

This is a must have chrome extensions for bloggers, it can provide all kind of stats for any webpage. You can use it for all kind of blogging work like finding good blogs for Guest Posting, tracking pages on your blog etc.

The extension shows PR rank, SEMrush rank, indexed pages in Google and all other kind of stats. It can also compare two webpages or domains and provide an detail stats for them also.

It can show those in a seo bar or it can show the stats on demand.

3. PageRank Status

This is similar extension as SEOquake, shows SEO information for the page. It is bit lightweight and will show Google page rank, Alexa Rank, backlinks, number of indexed pages etc.

The information might be less than what SEOquake provides, but it is sufficient for giving an better idea about the page.

4. Google Publisher Toolbar

This is a must have if you use Google Adsense as a monetization method. This also adds an overlay to the ads running on your blog and will show the earning based on that channel.

You can also select the top 5 URL channel or top 5 custom channels from the extensions itself. It can also recognize the domain running ads from your id and will pop up to show overlays on those ads.

Chrome Extensions for Bloggers
Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

So no need to go to Adsense account to check your earnings, you can do it right from the browser.

5. Alexa Traffic Rank

This extension is from Alexa and provide detail about the Alexa rank for the website you are browsing. It serves multiple purpose, it can help you gain better Alexa rank for your website and able to track your site progress without actually going to Alexa site.

Alexa site ranking depends on the data collected through the Alexa toolbar or their extension. So by installing this you are providing data to Alexa and helping sites to rank batter.

6. Buffer

Buffer is a great social media management tool nad their extension helps you increase the productivity. The free account will give you an access to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn access, you can share the posts on your timeline.

Their are paid subscription for connecting up to 12 social networks and this extensions can collect your post without opening the buffer app site.

7. Hootsuite Hootlet

If you are using Hootsuite for managing your social networks than this extension is a must have for you. It allows you to share information on your social networks.

Their free account is good enough for Twitter, Facebook and google+, you can also connect your pages to it.

You can also schedule your posts, a great way to automize the posts. Hootsuite provides an integration of almost all social networks and this a good extension to utilize it.

8. Check my links

This is a good extension to check for broken links on a web page. You can run it on any web page and it will return the broken links on that page.

It automatically find all the links on a page and check for their validity. The results will be put in console for chrome.

9. YSlow

Page loading speed is one of the main factor these days for SERP’s. This extension will analyze and provide suggestions to improve the page loading speed.

It also lists the current statistics for the component of the page and list on improvement suggestion. Use those to increase the page loading speed of your blog.

10. Microformats for Google Chrome

This is a nice extension to make sure that your microformats on the page. It supports most of the current microformate like hCard, hCalendar, hReview and hrecipe etc.

This has an option to export the card from the webpage and add them to either Google calendar or ical. hCard can be added to google contacts.

So here are the 10 must have chrome extensions for bloggers, which one are you using?


    • I am also using awesome screenshot a lot for capturing screens, its really a great tool and with the cloud integration it is really easy to share the image files…

  1. These are great tools. I used SEO Quake a lot when I used the firefox brower. It’s good to know that chrome has one also. Hopefully it works just as perfect. I recently sign up for a Buffer account, so hopefully those lighten the load a little, per se!


    Marc Bell

    • Yes, most the firefox features is available on Chrome extension also, I have shifted to Chrome completely after this extension, no more firefox for me….

    • SEOquake has similar features on chrome also, I do not use firefox much as chrome and safari provides almost all functionality…But its a good extension, always been the first one to install….

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