Google Drive is All Set to Change Cloud Storage Concept

Google Drive Cloud Storage
Google Drive Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is one of the hot topic these days, it brings a whole lot of flexibility in terms of online workings.

I use few services to manage some part of my online work, like I move my blog backup automatically to my cloud storage so that it will be synced to all my devices.

These gives me flexibility of not worrying about the blog backup and it will be available wherever and whenever I need it. This applies to almost any kind of data which you will need including your music and movies.

Google has entered into cloud storage with Google Drive. They have updated their Google Docs to be integrated with Google Drive.

You can check your Google Docs account, which has been upgraded with 5GB space. Google Drive will be rolling out to the world slowly and will be converting the Google Docs.

This service will also have some integration with other Google services, you can share your documents with your Google contacts and many people can work on the same document. It also save multiple revisions for the documents so if you want to revert your changes you can do it.

Google Drive Cloud Storage
Google Drive Cloud Storage

There are already few other services available but they will face hard time in competing with Google Drive.

The pricing for their cloud service is very reasonable, you can get up to 25GB of space with $2.50 per month and 100GB of space in $4.99 per month. There are plans up to 16TB in $799 per month.

Paid space will be used by Google Drive and Picasa. They have added some other extra bonuses with the paid plans as a bonus space in your Gmail account. I think it’s one of the cheapest space in the market and it can be good if you are using Google Apps for your business.

You should not use any one service as you can get a good amount of space in free from these services. Here are some of the other options which you can use for Cloud Storage:

1. Dropbox

It is one of best Cloud Storage service on the net. Its advantage is that its already integrated with many services on internet, many plugin already supports automatic updates of the file and uploading new created files.

With the free account you can get 2GB free space which is less in compared to Google Drive, but they give 500MB per referral up to 18GB. So if you want to start from 2.5GB instead of 2GB, get the account from this link, it will give 500MB to both of us.

2. Box

This is another good service which give your 5GB free space with an account. It also has been an established itself in the cloud storage business and already serving many customers. You will get apps for every platform, so that you can sync every device with their service.

3. CX

This is relatively new service, but their free offering is really great. They offer 10GB free space with their account. If you want to try their services than head over to

Overall you can get up to 38GB of free cloud storage with the Google Drive and other services. So what are you waiting for, get these free cloud Storage…


  1. Google cloud storage is very useful to store data without any cost. Google provides 5GB free storage and many other services also provides different size of spaces so this is really good to store data online with secure connection and also for free. Thanks Sanjeev, for this information.

    • Also Google Drive is an extension of Google Docs which gives all the access to edit documents online, its an good addition to Google Products..

  2. The good thing with the addition of google is the added competition to the field. This will drive down prices and bring up the quality of service benefitting the consumer.

    • You will love the service, I have got the upgrade and it looks great..they have integrated Google Docs with it so all the editing capabilities are there along with free storage…

  3. I need to start taking advantage of some of these “cloud storage” sites. I have a few things that would be nice to be able to share with others but also be able to keep safe from loss. These just might be what I need.

    Thanks for the comparisons!

    • I think cloud storage is a good way to collaborate and Google Drive has all the editing tools in-build. People can update documents on the fly and share with others. One of the advantage over other services.

      • I also agree with you that first of all, cloud storage websites are excellent ways of beneficial collaboration. Thanks a lot for sharing

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