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Member Access
Member Access

Premise from Copyblogger was till now an awesome landing page tool, which can generate great looking Landing page within few minutes. With Premise 2.0 this has changed and it has become a complete digital marketing solution.

You can still create those amazing landing page within minutes with this plugin, but now you can also create:

1. Membership Site

2. Sell your digital products

3. Create Private forums

4. Create password protected Content Libraries

5. Take recurring payments for your services

6. Do Split testing for your landing pages

Yes, It has become a complete digital marketing and lead generation software. There are some limitations but still a very good investment.

Landing Page Creation

Premise is still one of the best tools in the market to create landing page. Once you install it, you need to enter your key to make use of advanced options.

It will add a separate tab for landing page, you can add a new page or modify your existing landing page from here. It uses some general setting also like styles for your pages etc.

Plugin gives you full flexibility to update styling for your pages, you can change any element of your pages. Just change the setting in the style tab in main settings.

Premise Landing page Style
Premise Landing page Style

It will give you option to create different type of landing page, you can choose according to your need. Just select the type and add the content to create your pages. You cannot change the type of page, so you need to select it carefully.

Premise Add New Landing Page
Premise Add New Landing Page

It can also provide you an initial written copy of a page, so you can just edit it according to your need. It gives all SEO options for your pages nofollow, noindex, noarchive, custom title and Meta description etc.

Only issue is that it does not follow the theme installed on your blog, so some initial work is required to match it with the theme. The good thing is that it works with any theme in the market so you don’t need Genesis Framework to make it work. I am using Thesis on this blog and using Premise with it.

A/B Split Testing

Premise also allows you to do A/B split testing for your landing page. It has an option to duplicate the existing page, so you can just copy it and make your changes for testing.

It does support Google website optimizer and visual website optimizer for doing split testing, just enter the API information to start the testing.

Membership Site

Premise does contain a complete membership module for WordPress. It’s a great addition and can give you complete control on your digital content.

You need to activate in the main setting if you want to use it and it will give you full flexibility to create access restricted pages to create digital products which you can sell at your site.

Premise Membership Module
Premise Membership Module

This is one of the great additions to the Premise as this has made it complete digital marketing and lead generation software. Once you activate the membership module, you will get an extra setting in your admin panel.

Once you activate it, each post or page will have a setting for the membership access, so you can restrict the access only to members. You can also define access levels for your members.

Member Access
Member Access

So after activating it, it is just a matter of selecting the level or restricts the access for your members.

It has a good option to drip-out content according to time, so your members will not be given all content as soon as the join. You can add a delay before providing the access to your pages which will help you create schedule for your members. It”s a good way to create courses and schedule content for your members.

It can also support recurring payments, so if you are planning to create membership site with monthly payments you can easily do that with Premise.

Sell your Digital Product

With Premise you can sell your digital product from your site. In membership settings you have a setting for defining the products and pricing. Once you create a product, it will be available in your landing page section and you can create sale pages for it.

It is setup to work with Paypal and, so you can take payments from any mode. They have also included shortcodes for checkout page, so you can just create it in minutes for your products.

Create Private Forum

Premise now supports private forums also. Currently it only supports vBulletin forums but there are plans to add other forums in it. If you want some other forums to be integrated, you can raise a request with the support group.

Creating a private forum is also very easy with Premise, you just need to create a forum and add an access to a usergroup. There is a code which you can add to your wp-config file and you are ready to go.

Premise has become a complete solution for your website and can be used to generate lead and sells for your products. It was worth every penny while it was generating only Landing Page, but now with a complete digital marketing package it’s a must have tool.


  1. We’ve been using Premise and it’s great.

    It’s not as easy to use as something like Unbounce. It still requires someone to work with the code and CSS, where as Unbounce is 100% visual editor. Just drag and drop the elements you want.

  2. I don’t think I have a use for it directly at the moment, but I’ll keep it in mind. How flexible is it? Could an advanced user tweak things so they look just right? I know a bit about CSS, so I’m just wondering how much control a designer would have over the output. Thanks for sharing!!

    • It does have complete control, You can add a new style and define your own CSS parameter which include almost all aspect and while designing your landing page, you can just refer that saved style. Easy to use..and you can check to get an idea about what you can do with it..

  3. Premise looks absolutely great. I will check it out in more details, it looks really suitable for a project which I am thinking of doing!

    • Hi Jasmine, it is really great and take care of all aspect of online business after the latest update. One tool is always good rather than setting multiple plugins…

  4. It’s a good thing making our work more easier than ever. Plus, you can get a very good benefit from it.

  5. Hey Sanjeev, do you think an the premise “opt-in” template would be useful for capturing leads not for an email campaign, but for a service based local business? 

    • Hi Amrik, It is good for any purpose..If you are giving away something for signing up your newsletter than you can automate the process with it. You can create a product and can give away in lieu of email signup…that content will be protected from the people who has not signup..

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