Samsung Galaxy Note III: Rumors Roundup

Samsung Galaxy Note III
Samsung Galaxy Note III

Samsung which truly revolutionized the large screen trend, going as far as coining a new term for a smartphone between the size of a normal phone and size of tablet- ‘Phablet’.

When it took the gamble with the launch of Galaxy Note I in October 2011, many people were skeptic about its success, but it has shut everyone’s mouth with its sales (more than 1m shipments within 2 months of its launch).

Many other manufacturers like LG, Huawei, etc. jumped into the fray, but none of them have been able to match the popularity and success of Galaxy Note series. While, Galaxy Note 3 hasn’t been announced yet, but that doesn’t stops rumors doing rounds about it. Does it?

Read on to find out what Samsung Galaxy Note III might have in store-


Since long, fans and tech-community alike have criticized Samsung’s use of plastic materials for body of its flagship models Galaxy S series and even Note series. Add to it, the fact that HTC have got rave reviews for its aluminum unibody construction in its flagship phone One.

All this have got Samsung worrying, and rumor hints that Samsung is contemplating to use metal as a build material for Samsung Galaxy Note III.

According to the rumor, the Samsung executives were planning for a metal body of Galaxy S4 as well, but they had to opt for plastic to launch the handset on time. While metal will definitely look great on the phone, it will also make it very heavy. So, it’s also possible that Samsung uses Aluminum body.

Samsung Galaxy Note III
Samsung Galaxy Note III


At the beginning of 2013, Samsung has said that it will be focusing on OLED displays for all size of touchscreens. So, we can safely assume that Samsung Galaxy Note III will feature an OLED display and probably plastic bendable display.

Samsung is constantly increasing screen size for each successive model of its Galaxy S series as well as Galaxy Note series. But, now it seems Samsung might have hit a roadblock for screen size of Note III, since Galaxy S4 have already reached 5” screen and recent launch of Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 having 5.8” and 6.3” screen. Rumors suggests that it might have 5.9” screen.


Samsung Note series shares a lot from its sibling- S series, so Note III might have few hardware in common with S4.

Samsung Galaxy Note III might be powered by same Exynos 5 octa-core chip being used in Galaxy S4. Tracing the previous relationship between Galaxy Note smartphones and Galaxy S flagships, they use same processor architecture, but Note series have double the amount of RAM and are clocked 100MHz to 200MHz faster.

While 4 GB RAM in a smartphone seems like an overkill, so probably the Note III will be having 2 GB RAM with processor clocked at 2 GHz. There is a rumor that it might end up having 3GB RAM.

There’s no word about battery yet, but we sincerely hope that it will feature a battery which can make the Note run all day long, probably around 4000 mAh.


Galaxy Note III will be running on Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie) which is supposed to be released in Google I/O from May 15-17 this year. Key Lime Pie will be introducing a lot of features like different user profiles, increasing battery life by shutting down services which may not be required during stand by and much more.

Samsung always introduces host of software features in its smartphones which differentiates them from competitors. Note III will have Smart Scroll (move around web pages looking at parts of display) and Smart Pause (pausing video when your eyes move away from screen) feature introduced in Galaxy S4.

It may also have panorama like feature on the lines of Photo Sphere in Google Nexus 4, called Samsung Orb (or S Orb). It will allow one to take 360-degree photo of the surroundings.

Release Date and Price

Looking at the launch of its predecessors- Note I and Note II, which were launched during IFA, it is quite possible that Samsung will be launching Galaxy Note III during IFA. IFA will be held in Germany in September this year.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Note III will be sporting a bigger screen than Note II, so it’s quite obvious that it will be attract more price, we just hope that it’s affordable as no one would like to have a phone working like a tablet at the price of tablet!


  1. Galaxy note 3 is out, the only thing is that it has price tag of 649 pounds which is too costly. May be Samsung will come up with cash back offer like it did for s4 and note 2.!

  2. This is going to be a great smart phone. I am just skeptical on how big it is going to be when I am holding it next to my ear. Can’t wait to get my hands on it end of the year!

  3. I have had just my Note2 4 months ago, and now they are planning on realsing a Note3? Still, look at that, it is just a thing of a beauty. I really want to have one though. :p

    • I also have it for almost 5 months not, but its still the best phone in the market and I am going to stick with it till Note 3 will come out….

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