What Makes Samsung Galaxy Note A Must-have for Techno Geeks?

Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note

By now a lot of people have already bought, reviewed, and scrutinized the latest Samsung Galaxy Note (not counting the Galaxy S III, which has been launched recently) smartphone from Korean brand Samsung.

When it was first rolled out to the global market, a lot of people, especially gadget geeks, were all in awe at the impressive specs arsenal that this hybrid device has to offer. And they can’t be blamed, for indeed, the GNote (as it is also called) packs in some unmistakable oomph that can make even the most skeptical gadget virtuoso just stand back and marvel at the impressive, almost mythological, phablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note

Yes, it’s a phablet— a cross between a typical smartphone and a functional tablet. But, what really does the Samsung Galaxy Note have that should make it to the list of every hardened gadget geek’s must-have list?

Here are some Samsung Galaxy Note’s irresistible features:

Massive display. By massive, we mean a glorious 5.3” of screen real estate. But, make no mistake about it; Galaxy Note’s display is not all size. It actually sports the world’s first High-definition super AMOLED display.

For non-techno geeks, that may not make much sense. But the answer is simple enough; imagine reading the text of your favourite novel in a Galaxy Note screen and seeing in great detail every letter of every word in every paragraph.

It’s like reading a real book! Now, if that’s not impressive enough for you, we don’t know what else is.

Powerful mobile computing experience. Several reviews by tech-bloggers have revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Note’s 1.4 GHz dual core processor is the most powerful in the smartphone category (although this is put in contested by its cousin, the Galaxy S III, which sports a jaw-dropping quad-core processor).

What Galaxy Note’s powerful processor means is hugely improved user-experience, with faster browsing and effortless multi-tasking. With the dual core processor, you can surf the web, send a text message, and probably practice your sketching skills at the same time.

It’s the stylus. The bosses at Samsung clearly don’t share Steve Jobs’ almost vicious distaste for stylus. That’s why they’ve decided to throw in the S Pen, a top notch and class-leading input device that is a great tool for making doodles, creating handwritten designs and scribbles, and taking the phablet experience into whole new heights.

The intuitive and precise stylus is perfect for artists who want to make a quick study of an urban scene for transfer to canvas later at the studio. Of course, if you’re not in the mood to play Van Gogh, you can simply tuck the stylus neatly in the phone’s body.

Rich multi-media experience. With HD capture capabilities, the Galaxy Note allows you to relish the beauty of the things that matter most to you and your loved ones.

Snap photos with its 8-megapixel camera, capture high-definition videos, and play music in crystal-clear audio output — whichever you want to do, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable media experience.

 A Techno Geek’s Must-have Device

With all these wonderful and impressive specs, it’s not hard to understand why a lot of tech-savvy individuals have fallen in love with the Galaxy Note.

The device offers users the freedom to do a lot of things on-the-go, thanks to its highly portable nature, powerful processor, impressive multi-media features and specifications that are all intended to create an unforgettable experience.

So, for people who want to feel free, to do more while they’re out on a vacation, or just torecord life’s greatest moment, Samsung’s Galaxy Note is most probably the perfect device for them.

The techno geeks have spoken; and with the positive reviews that Samsung Galaxy Note has received from the most authoritative names in the tech blogging business, it’s safe to say that GNote is indeed a techno geek’s must-have device.


  1. It sure is a muse for every smartphone enthusiast and I am no different. The Galaxy Note has impressed people from various niche and also some loyal iPad users as well. The 5.3 inch for the screen size is that perfectly crafted device for all the techno and non technical crowds. From doctors to mobile computing professionals, the Galaxy Note is a useful device. Thanks for the share.

  2. At last I have everything in my hand which I truly wanted
    I am deaf with visual impairment & the Note’s accessibility is brilliant.

    • Thanks for this post, I am deaf too and have been wondering about the accessibility. Can you share a bit more about what technology or apps it uses that you feel make it so accessible? I don’t sign and can voice, can you use VCO calls like Hamilton Relay on it?

  3. The device is brilliant for most part except for just stutter while going through home screens so not the fluidest of all devices. but a very minor issue.
    otherwise speced brilliantly the phone offers a new experience with the s pen and a mammoth screen to make it stand out amongst a big line up of smartphones that offer nothing new.

  4. Nowadays, people going to use high technology and they understand some common things about technical devices. Samsung Galaxy S3 is amazing android mobile phone which has advance features, so it’s better for technical person to find Notes of Samsung Galaxy to get more knowledge about it. This is really interesting concept for techno geek people.

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