Four Tips to Uncover the Successful Blogger within You


Google’s Penguin update has left webmasters with few choices for link building and site promotion.  Gone are the days when you could submit to hundreds of directories and acquire links, or write one article and submit it to a myriad of article sites, or pay for links.

The true days of “Content is King” are finally here, as to rank in Google’s current penguin algorithm you need content, content and more content.  Content for your social media campaigns, content for your blog, content for guest blogs, content for your white papers and infographics.

Blogging often is now a requirement, but it may be difficult to encounter the proper inspiration and methodology.  Below are 4 tips to consider to Uncover the Successful Blogger Within You:

1. Be Unique and Informative:

People read blogs most of the time because they are looking for information on various topics. Your blogs must be informative to be effective. You should provide enough information relating to your topic without going overboard. You want users to find your blogs useful, informative, unique, and even entertaining.

Discover the Successful Blogger

Stop writing fluff and empty content – there are 100’s of articles out there touting dribble about every topic under the sun.  Instead, make sure you cover unique aspects of your topics, and that the information you provide is helpful and interesting.

Words can have so many different meanings. Take advantage of to increase your vocabulary and use a variety of different words.

Use your own experiences to make your blogs more personal and create a good relationship with your readers. Share your successes and failures, your triumphs, and defeats. Use your own passions and interests to find ideas to blog about.

When a person is passionate about certain topics, it is likely that others are also. Your passion, excitement, and interest for the topics will be evident.

2. Use These Resources for Content Ideas:

Syndication tribes such as Tribe Pro, TSA Mastery, and Triberr can be the perfect place to find content ideas for blogs. Blokube, BizSugar, Blog Interact, SERPD, and BlogEngage are all communities/niche sites that cover various topics from thousands of niches. You can join groups and interact with others, while getting new ideas from them.

Take advantage of Google Reader. You can browse for content, use “Stuff Picks”, use the search and browse feature, and subscribe to RSS feeds. Google Blogs is another great resource to use to find blogs from your niche.

Keep a journal, jotting down new ideas or thoughts that occur during the day. You might also choose to use a phone or a voice recorder. Read a lot! Magazines, newspapers, books, and other reading material can help you be more creative and productive.

Know your target audience, along with their needs, goals, and interests. You can use Facebook and other social media and look at posts and conversations to help find topics. Observe what your Facebook friends enjoy and what their interests are.

Make your blogs easy to share by including the essential social media plugins. Some suggested blog directories include BlogRama, BlogFlux, Technorati, and BlogCatalog. This increases the chance of being viewed and the visibility of your blog in search engines.

3. Use These Methods and Ideas to Learn How to Write Better:

Your writing style should be simple, but grammatically correct. Don’t over explain anything or be overly technically, as this could cause the reader to become uninterested or bored.

Use a spelling and grammar checker and read your blog more than two times to pick up on errors that the spelling/grammar checker may not. Often, when a blogger reads material again, improvements and better ideas can be found before finalizing the blog.

4. Use these Resources to Look for Inspiration:

Twitter, Hootsuite, Pinterest, Tweet Deck, Linked In, and similar sites are great sources to take part in. Look for popular tweets, topics, and posts.

Subscribe to RSS feeds of some of the top bloggers from your niche. Get on mailing lists of leaders that you admire and use their emails as inspiration for new content.

Happy Blogging!

Marcela De Vivo has been passionate about writing and internet marketing for 12 years.  While currently writing about Industrial Solutions at Process Sensors Corp, she also maintains a blog at

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