The Best SEO Secrets Used By Coupon Discounts Blogs


Is search engine optimization complicated and what secrets can you learn from coupon blogs?

With proper approach, search engine optimization isn’t complicated. Several shopping portals have been implementing some unique tips in their optimization campaign and the results are fabulous. Coupon and discount sites are my favorite when it comes to mastering SEO.

A lot of articles have been written in this subject. But one thing I do in my online business is to legally spy other webmasters to see what they’re doing right and wrong. I think it’s the best strategy to grow your business without all the trial and error associated with blogging.

You don’t have to repeat mistakes that others have made. When you legally spy other bloggers, you would discover amazing keywords they’re ranking for. Also, a lot has been said about backlinks. I’ve seen new blogs with few quality backlinks outrank aged websites with mediocre off-page links.

Effective Keyword Research

Coupon blogs begin their success with a clear view of keyword research.

There is no place to start your search engine optimization if you haven’t done your keyword research. It’s the first step and very important to your overall success. A lot of people have been spoon-fed with marketing B.S. that keywords don’t matter. I think they should have said keyword stuffing is bad. Keyword helps to know what your potential customer is up to.

The terms used to conduct a search matters to them more than anything else. It’s going to form your content marketing foundation. When you miss out on the right key phrases, it means you’re speaking a different language and that’s not a successful SEO campaign.

search engine optimization
Ways to do SEO


Search engine result pages (SERPs) are optimized for specific keywords. Even though you don’t have to stuff your keywords, ensure you use them on the article headline, start your first sentence with it and preferably at the beginning.

The Importance Of Anchor Links

Have you seen discount and coupon blogs lately? They make full use of anchor links to enhance their search performance.

The best way to build internal and external links is by using your primary keywords as anchor links. What’s anchor link? It’s that text that becomes your link and it matters to Google and other search engines. Search engine spiders are scripts. They are no humans but they have intelligent instructions rightly programmed inside of them.

They can follow a link to index the resulting web pages. When you use the right anchor for the link, spiders would index your fresh contents very quickly and rank them higher with such anchor links. A page that utilizes key terms such as sittercity coupons or 6pm discount codes as the anchor link will do better in search engine than a page that says “click here.”

Why Quality Articles Is Key

You’ve heard so much that quality is vital to your overall search engine performance. But exactly what is “quality content?”

The answer isn’t straightforward because so many factors contribute to the uniqueness and quality of web content. But the most important is the freshness and the angle at which the writer approaches the topic. You would agree with me that every content idea have been treated online, someone, somewhere has written an article about your chosen topic.

We are all rewriting and that’s the truth. Do you think you’re the originator of writing, please think again? Approach your writing from a new fresher light, throw in some ideas and make it readable. As much as you can, add humor to lighten up your reader’s day. Once you’re able to engage your readers and cause them to stay a bit longer, Google would assume your content is right for her web searchers.

Coupon blogs make use of quality content as bait to drive targeted traffic from search engines. By optimizing for the product names and crafting keyword rich articles, they’re able to rank for their coupon key terms. Apply the same strategy to your blog also.

Content Marketing Takeaway

Marketing your content isn’t limited to your blog alone. If you want to attract more targeted prospects, employing effective content marketing systems would help. Social media marketing is a powerful system that takes your content and work on it.

When you connect and share your ideas with others, it makes selling a lot easier and fun. The strategies above are not limited to shopping or coupon niches, you can use them to grow your business and make more money. See you ahead!


Michael Chibuzor is an SEO marketing coach, he shares search engine optimization and identifies current online coupon deals and savings, such as sittercity promotion code and coupon code for 6pm. He’s an active contributor on a coupon blog that offers all kinds of discounts coupons, from sittercity and 6pm to saving deals for Business and Lifestyle.


  1. Hello, I know With proper approach, search engine optimization isn’t complicated. More than a few shopping portals have been implementing some only one of its kind tips in their optimization campaign and the consequences are magnificent. Coupon and discount sites are my favorite when it comes to mastering SEO.ok

  2. Hi Michael,
    First of all I thank you for this excellent article. As we recently established a coupon website, we try to learn the environment and obviously “we spy -like you said-” (or let’s smoothly say “we benchmark”) from the existing websites. The discouraging thing about SEO point of view, is that everybody started long time before us. But the encouraging thing is “internet is so new that longtime before is only a few years.”
    So we try to read all available articles like yours and think that when a baby has 1 year old and the rival has 10 years old, the baby seems as small as %10 of the rival. However when the baby grow and has 10 years old, the rival has 20 years and the baby has 50% compared to the rival. This is not written anywhere but this is the fact about newcomers. With good SEO, it is possible to do everything because the time is the answer for all the questions.
    – By the way how I could find your page among billions of others? It means that you have a good SEO…
    Conragulations again.

  3. Great article and useful information. Can you tell me Sanjeev what i do to get alot of comments from readers to my blog. I saw that you get huge comments immediately posting a new article. Can you share a tip for this?

  4. I’d like to add something when it comes to internal links. Choose your anchors wisely. If you write about SEO, don’t choose anchors like “ads”, “target”, “link”, instead of “SEO”, “SEM”, “keywords”. You can even choose expressions, not just single words. And don’t link the same anchor to different URLs, in the same page.

  5. SEO at first is somewhat complicated but if a person already understands the concepts and fundamentals of SEO it would not be that complicated anymore. I just also noticed that you have been creating articles about coupons. Is that really effective?

    • Hi Rick, It is a coincidence that few of the guest authors have talked about the coupon blogs recently. I can say it works but it does require its own effort and time. It can work with the regular blog also or with the affiliate products which we many be offering.

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