Improve your Google Rankings – Blueprint for Success


Getting on the first page of Google is a daunting challenge for bloggers and webmasters.

Google is a search engine behemoth that controls nearly 70 percent of all internet searches and ranking on its first page translates to better traffic and can make all your financial targets come true.

With everybody competing for the same prize, achieving a first page results in Google is hard but not entirely impossible.

You won’t need tons of cash, you just need a well-structured game plan and the patience to follow it even when things aren’t going your way.

Learn and apply the basics of SEO, On-Page and Off-Page Techniques

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO can spell the difference between success and failure. SEO involves the process of constructing web pages and optimizing them to become more relevant to what Internet users search. Just like any undertaking, you must equip yourself with basic tools and knowledge in any given field.

Search patterns
Search Patterns can be really complex

The more relevant your blog or website is to a particular search term or phrase, the better rankings it will achieve. Similarly, keyword and key phrase density is also essential if you really want to get in the first page of Google results.

Create backlinks in your social media accounts, article directories and bookmarking sites

Creating backlinks from various sources is another effective way of inching closer to the first page of Google. Backlinks play a heavy role in the algorithm not just of Google but as well as other major search engines like Yahoo! and Bing.

You can create backlinks in your social media accounts particularly in Facebook, Twitter and LinekdIn and also in article directories such as Build My Rank, Article Alley and Article Dashboard. In addition, bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon are also great places to create backlinks.

Timely and Quality Content is the Cornerstone

Search engines rank blogs and websites according to relevance and quality. Hence, no SEO or backlinking technique can outmaneuver the practice of regularly uploading relevant and quality posts.

While you can reach the first page of Google through SEO and backlinks, you cannot maintain such high rankings if you don’t upload relevant and quality content.

Blogs and websites that reached the first page of Google through black hat SEO and backlinking techniques will eventually fall from their rankings and into Google’s back burner.

Don’t ever fall prey to ads promising first page rankings

Getting to the top of Google’s first pages could be frustrating. It takes a lot of time and effort that some would simply place their faith in SEO companies who provide such services.

Even the most technically savvy SEO Company would not place a definite timeline on how fast they could get your website. If it’s too good to be true then you should definitely drop it.

Before you shell out some of your hard earned money try to do a simple research by checking out company reviews from “reputable” websites. You could also check their client lists. Companies who offer you “realistic” results are more likely to deliver on their promises.

Be Ready for Sleepless Nights

Enlisting the service of an SEO company is a good way of powering your website to the top but don’t leave your website on automatic pilot.

If you want to be the best in your craft then taking a hands on approach gives you the best chance of getting to the top and saving a few bucks in the process.

Remember you’re competing with websites that have been around for years and outgunning them financially is not the best way to go about. Patience, a lot of it is needed.

Nobody gets to the top after a few days and tapping away on the keyboard is something you should expect. If there one thing that could get you on the first page of Google – it’s called constant effort.

This is a guest post by Suzzane Edwards who is a financial advisor and currently works as a consultant for small businesses. When she’s not writing for Cash for Gold, she could be found blogging about simple tips on how people could take advantage of the internet’s numerous business opportunities.

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  1. Those backlinks are so important but there does seem to be some challenges that perhaps you could clear up for me.
    1. Do directories actually give backlinks?
    2. I notice that in my SEO quake, it appears that my backlinks sometimes decrease? Why is that

  2. I am also a new member there… I guess it is a great site for blog promotion and meeting other pro members.

  3. Hello,
    Nice guide for anyone and specially to me 🙂 the above mentioned steps are absolutely right and completely agree with this.
    i am asking one off topic question to you : i am making so much effort to increase traffic but i hardly get visitors to near about 130 a day don’t know what is wrong with my site? and even the adsense earning is not $5 a month so can you provide me some tips and guidelines on this issue? if you can than it would be very helpful to me.
    Thank you.

  4. To get better and long term results, it is highly necessary to put the consistent efforts for promoting the website. Patience is must because SEO will not going to bring the results overnight, it will take time. But I have seen many persons that, they do not give enough time to the SEO of their website, so due to this they not get the desired results. So to achieve the desired goals from SEO, consistency is must and proper marketing strategy should be made and must be implemented.

    • I have also seen many people abandon their blogs in between without giving proper time to get it settled. It is really required to give proper time to generate the results from SEO.

  5. It is a challenge for every website or blog to get into the first page of Google. However, you need to keep patience as success will not come over night. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    • Patience is really important as concurring SEO and reaching to first page takes its time and an constant effort. I also like the way Suzzane has expressed it.

  6. Being in the first page of Google is tough. Though by doing the proper techniques we’ll have a chance be in the first page. But remember, as your rankings are getting higher, the competition is getting tougher and tougher! Good post..

    • Ohh Yes, and looking at the competition even before starting a chase can save some time later on. We may not want to be in a situation where competition is way strong than us.

  7. Right, Well-structured game plan and patience can lead us to our goal. I think it is the first one where i am lacking.

    • I feel well-structured plan is one of the must have if we want to get good organic traffic. Choosing right keyword and than supporting them with good on-page and off-page SEO is very important. Does takes its time and effort but delivers the result too.

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