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Premise - Create New Product

If you are a constant reader on this blog than you must be knowing that I moved to Premise for my Digital Content and Membership management on Makewebworld.

I have covered the major feature of Premise in my review post, if you have not read it you can check it out at: Premise – Landing Page Creation and Digital Marketing Gets Easy.

Now Premise has been updated to version 2.1 with some much needed features. The main idea behind this update is to make it more complete and easy to handle member management solution.

Premise Free Product Setup

Earlier it was hard to setup a free product with Premise but with this new update you can setup a free product right from the product creation screen.

Premise - Create New Product
Premise – Create New Product

With the new update it is as easy as clicking the button and your product will be set as free of charge. This was a much needed feature if you are offering ebooks or other products for your signups, now you can setup with Premise easily.

MailChimp Integration

Premise does integrate with all major mail system but this update has increased the integration for MailChimp. Now it can fetch the form fields, add subscribers directly from the purchase screen, turn off the double opt in confirmation for your lists from the admin menu itself.

Premise MailChimp Integration
Premise MailChimp Integration

This means that you can just create an email opt in page and offer products in lieu of email subscription. The setup is really easy with it now, you just have to enter details for your products and MailChimp list fields.

More Payment Methods

Premise was accepting PayPal and as the primary payment methods, it has been expanded and it can work with 2checkout and Braintree payment gateway.

These are still in BETA and offered as a separate plugin so if you need any of those you can install it according to your need. It is a good sign and we can expect few more in near future.

The PayPal integration has also been updated, user can update their account right from the checkout screen and cancel subscription and other things without leaving your site.

Cleaner Dashboard

Premise Dashboard has been updated to make it look more cleaner and accessible. The information is more organized and you can access settings in an easy manner.

The shortcodes and custom design has been made easy and you can set it up from the admin panel.

If you want to read the full update summary you can check the official post mentioned below:

How Premise 2.1 is an Even Better Engine to Run Your Digital Business

There are still some more things needs to be done as Google Website Optimizer has been sunset, they still need to update the plugin for Google Analytic Content Experiment.

It is still lacking an option of affiliate management system and discount and coupon management, but I am really hopeful that we will be seeing those updates pretty soon.

Good thing is that they offer lifetime free support and updates with the plugin, so we won’t be paying for those updates.

If you still does not have Premise for your Digital Content Management than you can get it from here.

Have you updated your copy yet? How are you liking the update?


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