Increase Your Search Engine Rankings With Guest Post Hunter

Guest Post Hunter
Guest Post Hunter

These are the days when everybody is talking Google Algorithms updates and trying to find a ways to recover from panda and penguin. One thing is sure that old methods of promoting your blog and building links are out and it has more emphasis on creating authority links.

A good way to promote your blog is by doing Guest Posting, You can find the blogs in your niche who accepts guest post and contact them to publish your guest post.

The whole process is time consuming, finding blogs and their contact information, contacting them sending them post and other things. Guest Post Hunter is software to make it easy for you.

Guest Post Hunter is desktop software created by Chris Guthrie & Paul Clifford. They work on creating simple and affordable solutions for the webmasters and Guest Post Hunter is in similar lines.

If you do not know, I have recently reviewed one of the other plugin by Chris, Pin Button Attraction Plugin. you can check how easily they have provided a simple solution for the Pin button on your blogs.

Guest Post Hunter Features

This is a complete automated solution for your Guest post campaign. It gives you flexibility to run your campaigns for your desktop and contact your prospects from the software itself.

Guest Post Hunter
Guest Post Hunter

You just have to enter your niche or keyword you are looking for, select the country and domain type before hitting the search button. The software will get you the links for blogs which accepts Guest post and the links for their write for us pages.

It also gives some other information like email, facebook, twitter and contact form details. You can go through the results and save the URL’s which you like. It saves and creates a project for you so you can just reopen it and work again.

The software also provides a way to contact them right from the software itself, you can contact multiple blogs at the same time. Just select the blog and type your offer within the software.

Guest Post Hunter Contact Form
Guest Post Hunter Contact Form

You can send your email right from the Guest Post Hunter, you can even save your template for fast processing it. It’s very simple software which makes lot of time consuming tasks really easy.

Guest Post does have lot of benefit and this is great software to provide an edge on it. It is really vital that you do relevant guest posting in your own niche, after all its the quality links that counts.

If you want to get more idea on the Guest Post Hunter than check the video below:

[youtube src=”poGi3sgp94k”]

You can go ahead and give it a try, as it is in its initial release period and you can get Guest Post Hunter at a really good price.


  1. Hi Sanjeev,
    The guest post campaign is always considered as a daunting task. After reading this post about the tool guest post hunter, I guess the guest post campaign can attain new levels with the incorporation of this tool. The features of this application software seem to be very enticing. Thanks for sharing the valuable information about this software.

    • Yes, Manual commenting is always a way to go, this software will help in finding the opportunity and will provide all the means for connecting to fellow bloggers…

  2. Finding blogs for guest posting in your niche surely consumes a lot of time. Thanks for information on this software and it looks pretty wonderful and will save a lot of time .

  3. is a terrific site to find blogs that belongs to difference niches. It’s easy to get familiar with Guest blogging topics and find a suitable blog to post and offer guest post opportunities to other guest bloggers.

    • I also, its a good site but lately I have felt that it has many freelance writers which throw low quality content out….but absolutly a good starter for guest postings..

  4. Hi Sanjeev Bro,

    Awesome review, and the software is really too Amazing with endless features. Really, I was really wanting to use it, but after seeing that its premium software.. Then, just moved to comment! 🙂 Well, I do already have few authority blogs! So, I don’t to find blogs to guest post on..

    We can also ask on FB, if they know an authority blog for guest post.
    All is what “The software is useful, but is PREMIUM! So, it’s not for me at all Okay!

    • I agree its a premium one and we can get the information from other channels, but the whole point of this is saving that time and putting it into productive work. Also it is really cheap right now, later it might cost a lot…

  5. Wow…It seems to good to be true..Nonetheless, this will help many people like me in hunting down *Guest Post* opportunity.
    I wish it could also provide the PR of the blog along with other information

    • I agree, If it could also provide PR than it will make it really easy. Still its a good product making things easy for us. I just browse the site before saving the URL to get an idea but doing everything from a single place is great.

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