Makewebworld’s First Plugin – Author Box with Different Description


Today I am celebrating one year anniversary of Makewebworld. Yes, it has completed its first year and I am really happy with the progress it has made in this year.

Today is another great day, acting as an important milestone for Makewebworld, Its a day when I launched my first WordPress plugin.

Author Box with Different Description – Yes, this is my first plugin and I am selling it at FREE!

I know you would be saying, there are many author box plugin in the market, What’s special in this plugin..

Pain Point

The idea of plugin came from one of my reader who asked for a plugin which can show different author description based on post after reading my post on Best Guest Post System.

I can feel his pain, I also accept Guest post on this blog and sometime I feel author box really ties you down. If I want my authors to come and contribute multiple time, I need to give them more exposure rather than just same description in each post.

I have given him an intermediate solution which can be implemented with some manual coding but this give an birth of creating an author box which gives complete control on author descriptions.

So here is what I have created —>

Author Box Plugin
Author Box at the posts

Plugin Features

1. Support for custom description to your post and pages, with the custom field author_desc. Default author description will be picked from user profile but if custom field is there it will display the author description from custom field.

Custom Field for Author Description
Custom Field for Author Description

2. Add Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest and Twitter custom fields to User Profile page (URLs are nofollow).

3. Gives you an option to select the user contact fields for the user profiles from admin panel.

4. Remove AOL, Yahoo and Google Talk contact methods from user profile.

5. Select where you want to show the author box, on the top of the page or at bottom.

6. Support for custom CSS, so you can customize your author box display. You can stop loading the Author Box CSS and create a custom tags for your author box.

7. [who has written 100 post] link to the author page with rel=”author”, you just need to link back to the author page on your Google Profile Page to make your authorship information to appear in search results for the content you create. Learn more:

8. Option to show social media profile as an image or text, you can select it from Admin Panel.

Future upgrades

There are still some more stuff which needs to be done for the plugin. below are future enhancement which you can expect.

1. Shortcode to insert Author box, so you can decide the location of it.

2. More flexibility on the design part from the admin panel.

3. Option to choose different layout from the admin panel with some pre-designed template included.

If you want any other enhancement, I have already setup and forum for that. Go ahead and post your enhancement request.

Will there be a charge for the plugin later on,…may be, but if you get it now you will be gaining a lifetime updates for free so you won’t have to pay a penny later on.

Hope you would like this first try and welcome some other plugin which are in work…Be with us for some more FREE goodies!!

Go ahead and download Author Box with Different Description for FREE!


  1. Hi Sanjeev,
    Congrats for your first plugin. I just published my first ever plugin too –, so I can understand the excitement. I’m jumping to download yours right now. I’ll give you my feedback

  2. My sincerest congratulations to you! The fact that your blog has such number of visitors, readers and clients can only tell us that you are doing everything right and you’re on the right way

  3. Seems like a good plugin Sanjeev. Here’s a quick tip – Add some CSS codes and push those social buttons to the right, and on the left side, add a text such as – Socialize with (Author Name). Check the author box I have on my site, comeplete coding but works like a charm! All the fields already added into the profile page!

    BTW, check out my latest giveaway! I’m giving away 5 Blog Engage accounts! Take part to win your account soon! Cheers

    • Hi Raaj, I am already a member of Blogengage but thanks for invitation.
      For the plugin there are some more modifications are in work, I will check what I can do for that format.

  4. Hey Sanjeev,

    I think you’ve taken a problem and solved it really well. Multi-author blogs are going to love this plugin, well done bro. Don’t forget to market the hell out of this baby.

    • Hey Saad,
      Same problem I was facing, then I search Author Box with Different Description on Google! And downloaded it from WordPress Plugins Directory, try this!

      • i downloaded it , by the way will it automatically replace my old author box or i have to do it manually?

        • It will not replace it automatically, if you are using any other plugin to show author box than you need to deactivate it otherwise you will end up having two author boxes on your posts..

          • Sanjeev , just do some good testing before releasing a plugin , as soon as i , and i clicked clear cache and the page never came back .

            front end was fine , but i couldn’t get in site/wp-admin/

            went to ftp , deleted the plugin and now the site is fine.

            • There is nothing in the plugin which can stop loading the wp-admin, can you let me know the site name…it might be a clash with any other plugin you are using…which cache plugin you are using..
              You can open a support thread and I will take a look at it…

              • i really like the plugin , its awsome. site is

                can u give me the link to support forum?

  5. Hey Sanjeev Bro,

    A Big Congratulation! for that you’ve launched your first WordPress Plugin, thanks for that.. I’ll try it, and will let you know if I need anymore Enhancement. Let me have a look, thanks for all that. BTW, your 8. in features was what is AWESOME, because it also have a option to change the social profiles in TEXT.

    Good Luck!

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