5 Places Where You Should Not Leave Your Comments

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With all these Google Penguin and Panda updates, there are very few quality methods remaining for link building techniques. Guest post and blog commenting is two of them.

If you are a webmaster, you might have seen the increase in the number of comments and spam’s on your blog. This is because most of the people want to take advantage of these for their rankings.

Does Blog commenting helps in increasing your SERP’s?

Yes it can or at least they can increase the reach of your blog and help you gain new readers. Blog commenting campaign has to be formulated and there are few places which should be avoided in those campaign.

1. Blog which is not in your niche

You should put efforts on commenting in the blogs in your niche. Many people would just go and leave comments in any place they can but does it really help?

The links might show in your webmaster account but it actually doesn’t do much for you. Google does not give much value to the links coming from outside of your niche.

Also as it is different niche, there are few chances that people would be interested in your offering and click your links. Even if somebody clicks they might end up increasing your bounce rate which is one of the factors for your ranking in search engine.

You are better off keeping a lower bounce rate than the low value backlink to your site.

2. Blog which is not updated in years

There are many blogs which has been abandon by its webmasters and now nobody looks after those blogs. Google also recognizes those blogs and try to remove it from their search results.

You should not waste you time on those on those blogs as with time they will be gone and your effort too. So concentrate more on the blogs where you will get more exposure and more new readers for your blogs.

Comments Section
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3. Blog with so many low quality posts

Blogs which hosts too many low quality posts are also the one which will go down slowly. Google’s recent updates are targeted to bring quality in their search results and they are trying to get rid of low quality blogs.

You can leave 1-2 comments just for a sake of links but it is not going to add any value to that low quality post. Also these blogs do suffer with higher bounce rate, which makes it harder for the people to even recognize your comment on that page.

4. Blog where you do not see any interaction in comment section

There are many blogs where you would not see any interaction in the comment section, your comments can end in the same way. Nobody is going to check and reply to those.

These places might be good for creating links as you can get any kind of link approved but they are not good for gaining new readership. I would say we should even avoid those places as if our comments are not worth interacting than its not worth the effort.

5. Blog which follow spammy techniques

There are few blogs who does follow spammy techniques like selling your email id’s, sign-up to a newsletter without your consent etc.

When I started blogging, I just wanted to create a reach so I commented on almost every blog I landed. One of them blog was on how to secure your emails from spammers.

I shared my views and from next day onwards, I am receiving spam emails on that mailing address. now I know it was just a collection tool for spammers, so we need to be careful about where we post comments.

Another example can be a little tiny check box, which says subscribe me to the mailing list. It is usual to have that check box in comment section, so user can subscribe to your updates but leaving it checked by default is a spam for me.

I know many would say its border line scenario, but to be honest, most people sign up by mistake not by choice. It sounds tempting and can increase the numbers in your list, but it can also decrease your mails open rate.

Is there any other place where you avoid leaving comments, let us know through the comment section.


  1. It is important that you leave your comments on blogs that are related to your business or niche. Commenting on blogs that are irrelevant to your website can be a waste of time. And it could also ruin your reputation and brand.

  2. Hi bro,
    While hunting for backlinks, we should be careful not to be attacked by blacklinks 😉 I like a tool like dropmylink.com which can help locate blogs in my niche

    • Yes, There are some good tools around which can locate some good blogs in your niche. I also like Dropmylink.com for finding blogs and than there are some good blog lists floating around.

  3. Agreed with all except the first point Sanjeev. Why wouldn’t I go out of my niche? That’s not a must for any blogger. It’s always about building relationships with as many as you could 🙂 Cheers!

    • I agree that it is good for building relationships but does not give any quality traffic. So as long as the motive is building relationship it is fine, I prefer other ways rather than increasing my bounce rate with some unrelated links…

  4. Nice post Sanjeev. Whoaa your last point blew up my mind. Haven’t ever thought about blogs using spammy techniques. Generally have seen such mails and pop-ups but never came across such a blog. Guess Been lucky so far. But is there any way so we can have an idea about such blogs as you told that you read a post, posted comment and after that only you started receiving spam mails. I do comment on various blogs and would not like to receive those spam mails.

    • I also didn’t want to, but most of those blogs might not have professional look as people do not spend much on it (they so earn much form it either). That’s one of the reason give emphasis on quality and design of the blog..

  5. I believe that you should also avoid placing comments on websites that are promoting some unacceptable business practices and are sharing wrong information to people.

    That is why you really need to read through their posts before leaving comments as you only want to be associated with those good guys blogging about the topic.

  6. Really an useful information , as a beginner i don’t know where to do blog commenting , your post would really be helpful to me .

  7. Hi Sanjeev,

    You have missed one point that we should not comment on those blogs where OBL is too much. If there is auto approve option on blogs then it will be filled up with a lot of fake comments and spam, It would be better If we leave comments on fresh articles. Well, Great article. 🙂



    • I agree, better idea is content and who can be a best judge than ourselves, If you deemed the content is good, go comment irrespective of number of comments on the post…

  8. Should I Only comment on blogs related to my niche or can i comment on other good blogs as well ?does commenting randomly on other blogs(Good Blogs) affect my ranking and how ?

    • You can comment on other niche good blogs, it does not affect your ratings, not in any negative way. But you should concentrate on the blogs from where you are getting quality traffic.
      That effort can be utilized better if you select blogs in your niche because from there you will get targeted traffic and quality backlinks.

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