What’s In Store for Guest Posting with Penguin 2.0

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Google Penguin and Panda updates always change the way we look for blogging. Till now Guest posting was one of the best ways people were creating their reach to new readers.

It is also a way to create quality back links for the blog and many blogger is using it effectively. But is it changing with the new Penguin 2.0 update?

Penguin 2.0 has an added modification for the spam links and guest posting can also come under it.

Guest Blogging for Links

There are bloggers which are using guest posting only for links. If you are a webmaster, you would have seen these.

I publish guest posts on Makewebworld and receive lots of request daily. More than half of the articles which I receive, is low quality spinned articles.

These articles have only one purpose, to create an backlink. These were spinned and shipped to many blogs to get the similar backlinks.

Guest Posting Techniques
Photo by erichhh From Flickr

If you are using Guest Posting to just create back link, then you are in risk. Google is trying to catch this link spams and remove them from SERP’s.

Anchor Link Excessive Use

Google has started checking how many backlinks you have with the similar anchor text. If you are trying to create too many backlinks with the same anchor text than you might come into the scanner.

Many people uses guest blogging to create ranking for their keywords and use same anchor text in those articles. This tactics is under the scanner now, try to use different anchor text for your links.

As of now the only anchor text which can be used extensively is your site name. Google understand that it is just a name and used to reference your site.

Matt’s view on Guest Posting

Here is Matt’s view on guest posting

[youtube src=”IMxC3wQZOyc”]

Guest Posting for adding value with quality article

Guest posting should be a medium to increase your reach to new readers. You should be looking to attract more readers than just the link.

It is a medium to show new reader what they can gain by reaching to your blog. So you should be using quality articles to promote your blog rather than the spinned low quality article.

It is also a medium to create a relationship with fellow bloggers which can be beneficial in promoting your blog.

Webmaster Perspective on Guest Posting

It is also a risk for the webmasters. If you accept all guest post and publish them without checking, then you might be in trouble.

If you have many low quality, link spam post on your blog it can give wrong indication to Google.

The same thing will also be true if you publish sponsored posts, you may be charging and providing link back but its does not come under while link policy of Google.

[box]Note: Take a look at Best Guest Posting System for Webmasters.[/box]

So as a webmaster you should be very careful and accept Guest post from known sources. You should at least make sure that the source is genuine.

What are you doing on your blog for Guest Posting? Have you changed anything since Pengion 2.0?


  1. Sanjeev,

    Using one way to avoid Google finding out about excessive “guest posting” would be to vary the anchor text of your backlink by having, say, one backlink the your name while another is your website/blog your rails and still another your name + URL?

    • Yes, we should always very anchor text of the links. I still thing they allow the site name and author name as a anchor text for maximum back links. But other then that we should be careful using similar text…

  2. I think guest posting for links has become such an issue that Matt Cutts had to come out and say something about it. I think it’s okay to no follow your guest posts links. If you provide value via your guest posts readers are more likely to check your site whether it’s do follow or no follow.

  3. I honestly do not pay attention that much to the animals Google unleashes. I do what I know is right and wont let Google influence my behavior.

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