Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases (Hard, TPU or FLIP)

Galaxy S4 Cases - SPIGEN Slim Armor
SPIGEN Slim Armor

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of hottest selling handset at this time. If you are not having a S4 active, you may want to protect it with one of the good Galaxy S4 Cases.

There are many kind of cases available but which one to use, depends on your liking. You may want to choose hard shell, TPU or the Flip cover based on your usage of the phone.

I have tried many different Galaxy S4 Cases on my phone, so here is list of 10 best Galaxy S4 cases for you phone. 

1. Case Mate Barely There

This is one of my preferred series for any smartphone. Smartphones manufactures are putting lot of effort to make the phone slim and we should keep it that way.

Case-Mate Barely There
Case-Mate Barely There

Barely There series does not add much bulk to the phone and provide good protection for the phone. I have used it on almost all of my phone and can guarantee the durability and protection of this case.

The only issue with barely there is it leaves the phone open from top and bottom. So if you drop your phone a lot or use it roughly, you may want to consider some other case.


2. SPIGEN Slim Armor Case

This is another one similar to Barely There, but has dual layer of protection.

Galaxy S4 Cases - SPIGEN Slim Armor
SPIGEN Slim Armor

The inner layer is soft TPU which helps in shock absorption and outer layer is polycarbonate. Two layers are separate so if you want to remove outer layer, you can.

Good thing is that both the layers come in contrasting colors, so it adds a good look to your phone. Though it adds some extra bulk because of the dual layer but if you are really concerned about your phone, give it a try.

They also have a variation of S-View cover in black and white, if you would like to protect your phone completely.


3. Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover

S-View Cover
S-View Cover

No list can be complete without mentioning S-View Flip Cover. This is the cover comes from Samsung, it replaces the standard back and add an protection to the screen with the flip cover.

Earlier flip cover was having issue that for everything you need to open the flip cover, but with S-view it has been taken care of.

With the small window most of the routine tasks can be done like picking up the phone, checking notification etc.

Its also a smart cover so it will put the phone on sleep while closing and will wake it up while opening.


4. OtterBox Commuter Series Case

OtterBox Commuter

This is one of the best protective case with a limited addition of bulk. This also provides two layer of protection with polycarbonate outer and TPU internal layer.

It even provides an adhesive screen protector for the protection of the screen. So its an complete solution for your phone protection.

It also has port plugs to protect them from dust and debris. This is a proven series in the market so no need to worry about the quality of the case.

This is a good case for people on the move who wants a good protection for their device.


5. SPIGEN Neo Hybrid protective Case

SPIGEN Neo Hybrid
SPIGEN Neo Hybrid

This is one of the unique case, it combines the durability of polycarbonate and softness of TPU. It provides a soft back with a polycarbonate frame structure which provides a protection to the rim.

This does not add much bulk to your phone, as it does not add explicit dual layer to the phone. Also because it comes in two piece, it can be exchanged between different colors.

It comes with 5 different color which is interchangeable with each other.



  1. Hey! I just bought my S4 recently! And I think S-View Flip Cover is the best cover for S4. They have a lot of colors. And I think it’s suitable for both men and women.

  2. A best case can help to look beautiful our samsung phone. It can also helps to look our phone better than others. Because a case is containing something special, which is really looking stylish and gorgeous. Am I wrong?

  3. Hi Sanjeev,

    This is the best collection of samsung galaxy S4 cases, and I really liked it. I have recently purchased Galaxy S4 smartphone and was searching around for some cool accessories. I encountered with your blog and get to know about these cases. I liked S-View Flip Cover case very much, as we can get to know about notifications and calls easily. I appreciate your efforts and research work utilized in creating this article.

  4. Hi Sanjeev!
    I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 about 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! This is my first Smartphone and I also got the Galaxy Tablet as well.
    Afte watching the reviews on YouTube I ordered the Otter Box Defender and it came in on Friday. It’s very well made and I’m glad I got that one because I feel like the phone is more protected now.
    I’m looking for a good lavalier mic now so I can use it for my podcast.

    Thanks for the info!

    • I have also got it for my wife, I still prefer Note II for myself (waiting for Note III to be released)..
      Otterbox is an ultimate protection for the device, If you does not mind little bit of extra weight then thats the case to go for…
      I prefer CaseMate Barely There for my devices (I keep them with care so just some extra protection), It does not add much bulk to the device….

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