Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases (Hard, TPU or FLIP)


6. Urban Armor Gear VP Composite Case

Urban Armor Case
Urban Armor Case

Urban Armor cases are famous for their unique design and this one is no different. A unique design combined with superior quality is the word for this case.

They have tried to make it a lightweight while providing good security to your device. It does not add much of he weight to the phone because of its thin outer and feel more grippy while holding.

The case also comes with a dual layer of protection but the outer core is much thinner and lighter which makes it easy to use.


7. i-Blason Transformer hard case with Kickstand

iBlason Transformer Case
iBlason Transformer Case

This is a good hard case for the people who uses Galaxy S4 for lot of multimedia. With the beautiful 5 inch 1080p screen, you would tempt to watch movies on that phone.

But holding that phone for long is tiresome, this case comes with in-build kickstand which can be uses in landscape or portrait mode.

It also has a holster combo so you use it with the case. This is something which you will not find in any other Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases.

The belt clip is 360 degree rotatable, so you can holster it any way you want. The holster also has smooth inside to provide extra protection for your screen.


8. Bear Motion Folio Case

Bear Motion Folio Case
Bear Motion Folio Case

Folio cases are famous for tablets but none of the companies has made good folio cases for phone till now.

This is one of the best folio case which you can get, if you like them to be on your phone.

This folio case comes with pockets for credit cards and a build in kickstand, which can be used in landscape mode. Its made of PU leather material and fits perfectly to the phone.

There are lot of color choice if you want to go for it.


9. Incipio Feather Ultra-Light Hard Shell

incipio light feather
Incipio light feather Case

Incipio is making its name in mobile cases. Their cases are of good quality and affordable price. So we can not close the list of best Galaxy S4 cases list without mentioning them.

Feather Ultra-Light is the same, it is build up with polycarbonate material. It is less then 1mm thick which does not add any bulk to the phone.You might even not noticed that this case is on the phone.

It comes with a screen protector also which can protect your screen.

The issue is that this also leaves top and bottom open. I have never had an issue with it as I am very careful with my devices and I like not to add extra bulk to the phone.


10. Cellto Premium Wallet Case

Cellto Diary Case
Cellto Diary Case

This is similar to Folio case but with a look of diary. It also adds a credit card pouch and screen protector in the list.

You can use it as a kickstand in a landscape mode. It comes in 11 different contrasting colors which provides a wide verity of choice.


So which one of these Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases, you are using with your phone?


  1. Hey! I just bought my S4 recently! And I think S-View Flip Cover is the best cover for S4. They have a lot of colors. And I think it’s suitable for both men and women.

  2. A best case can help to look beautiful our samsung phone. It can also helps to look our phone better than others. Because a case is containing something special, which is really looking stylish and gorgeous. Am I wrong?

  3. Hi Sanjeev,

    This is the best collection of samsung galaxy S4 cases, and I really liked it. I have recently purchased Galaxy S4 smartphone and was searching around for some cool accessories. I encountered with your blog and get to know about these cases. I liked S-View Flip Cover case very much, as we can get to know about notifications and calls easily. I appreciate your efforts and research work utilized in creating this article.

  4. Hi Sanjeev!
    I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 about 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! This is my first Smartphone and I also got the Galaxy Tablet as well.
    Afte watching the reviews on YouTube I ordered the Otter Box Defender and it came in on Friday. It’s very well made and I’m glad I got that one because I feel like the phone is more protected now.
    I’m looking for a good lavalier mic now so I can use it for my podcast.

    Thanks for the info!

    • I have also got it for my wife, I still prefer Note II for myself (waiting for Note III to be released)..
      Otterbox is an ultimate protection for the device, If you does not mind little bit of extra weight then thats the case to go for…
      I prefer CaseMate Barely There for my devices (I keep them with care so just some extra protection), It does not add much bulk to the device….

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