Google Glass Might Be Retailing Around $300 At Launch

Google Glass
Google Glass

Google Glass is getting more and more rumors as it coming close to public launch (Its still some time before you can buy Google Glass from the retail store).

Till now people are talking privacy concern with Google Glass and their price for developers unit ($1500). Because if the developers unit’s price, we were assuming that the retail unit will also be expensive.

But looks like the retail unit will be much more affordable for the public and will retail at around $300 price tag.

Google Glass
Google Glass

This price range can provide a huge boost to the sale. If I can get Google glass for that price, you bet, I will get it on the very first day.

The price has come from a Taiwan Topology Research firm, not from Google. So you can see some variation but according to them the build cost of Google glass is not much.

The in-build projector costs around $30-$35 and some other parts on the same range. So when it will be available for the public, you can expect them to be in affordable range.

We still need to hear from Google on this.

Why Developers Unit That Expensive

With that price range everybody is wondering why the developers unit is so expensive?

The developers unit is not expensive because of the build quality or cost of materials. It is one of the ways to restrict the units to developers and get it to the people who are dedicated to work with Google.

Looks like they had some success in that because most of the unit is with the developers and with the restriction on the resale, it might be hard that anybody else will get them soon.

If Google Glass is coming with price tag of $300, will you be picking one for yourself?


  1. $300 is a price that I’m willing to pay anytime in order to get such a great piece of technology. Let’s hope it becomes even more affordable after a while.

  2. Hi Sanjeev,

    Google Glass is really a new gadget that may change the future of how we love, I would love to have my hands on one of them, the 300$ tag price would make it really possible to have one, I hope that the Taiwan company be right specially that another company which makes a similar glass that will be ready to ship in feb 2014 have their price at 495$.

  3. Google Glass is such an amazing piece of technology and I can’t wait to finally be able to use it and see what google sees…through the glass, mon! – Scott Craighead

  4. Not sure if I’ll be getting the first version, mainly those versions have a lot of bugs. But definitely thinking about getting Glass eventually, especially for taking pictures and navigation it seems fun.

    • Ohh yes, with this kind of technology you can expect lot of bugs initially….should be sorted out soon and thats one of the purpose of developers unit also….
      But its always good to wait some time and let those got resolved….

  5. Whats the real essence of google glass. If not to destroy relationships. Accepted that it could be used to capture crime scene. It wide spread use will be heightened in d cheating industry. Which ll only lead to higher divorce rates

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