Google Glass Is Still A Distinct Future


Google Glass is one of the most talked gadgets at this time and most people are waiting that when can they get their hands on it. Google has already started shipping explorer editions which might have indicated that retail sale is not far away.

But Eric Schmidt has just indicated that it might be a while before retail store will see Google Glass. Bad news is that he indicated it might be almost a year before you can think of buying it.

The current explorer edition is only for developers and it has been shipped so that they can build their apps for the glasses. This is in preparation for creating a great user experience when it will be formally launched.

Google Glass
Google Glass

It is another version of Android

It has been confirmed that Google Glass runs an customized version of Android. There is already My Glass app in Play store which works with the explorer edition.

The My Glass app can connect to Google Glass and help you in configuring it. It connects it wirelessly and will show you all kind of details for your device. The app will enable GPS and SMS messaging services from the phone.

Download My Glass App from Google Play Store

It can’t be sold on Ebay

If you are hoping that one of the developer will sell their explorer edition on ebay than you are out of luck. Google has mentioned that developers can’t sell their glasses, it will be linked with their purchase id and will be disabled if they try to sell it.

They can still give it as a free gift to their friend but if they try to sell, their glasses will be disabled. Considering the current cost of them, getting one from the ebay will be very risky.

Specs of Google Glass

With the release of explorer edition the specs are also out. Here are the specs which you will get in $1500:

  • Adjustable nosepads and durable frame fits any face.
  • 16GB of flash memory from which 12GB will be usable.
  • 5Mp Camera
  • 720p Video recording
  • HD display equivalent to 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • micro usb charger

What Kind Of Apps You can expect

Here are few of the apps which has already been announced from Google Glass.

New York Times: The app will deliver the headline, byline or images from the news. You just ask for latest news and get everything with a blink of the eye. You can just tap on the news and it will be read for you.

Gmail App:  The app will deliver you latest email with the subject line and sender. You email will also be read to you and you will have an option to reply to them also.

Google Plus Hangout (Screen Sharing): You will be able to share your view on Google hangouts and can show it to the other people. Its a great way to share your view with the people.

Maps: Share live traffic news and get navigation as you move along the path.

There are apps from Skitch, Evernote and Path also. Though with camera apps and other feature Google Glass can be a threat to privacy, still its an enticing prospects.

With the developer edition out and the mirror api from google, there will be many addition to the list in new future. So are you exited about the future?

Are you planning to buy Google Glass

With the current price tag of $1500, not many people are there to buy it. Are you one of them who are eagerly waiting for it to hit retail stores.


    • To some extent I agree with you…Eric Schmidt also raised some concern in recent conversations. This is a developing technology and companies need to work on the security aspect…

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